Cap and Trade

If this thing passes senate I've heard that all states will be required to follow california on emissions standards. There may be a lot of plated bikes getting pink crf250x included. :worthy:

If this thing passes senate I've heard that all states will be required to follow california on emissions standards. There may be a lot of plated bikes getting pink crf250x included. :worthy:

Since it is also one of the largest tax increase in the history of the US you will most likely not be able to afford to keep your bike anyway ::lol: :'s out there all right, but even with all of the fanatics pushing for it there are still a lot of realists sitting in office in Washington

and besides, it's not election season so no need to satisfy those crazy extremists!!!:worthy:

that said......I am looking for a nice low hour KTM 450 or 400 wide ration if anybody wants to unload their non-dot/epa bike now before the fire-sale begins:banana:

Time for all of us every american to write Congress, Senate and President Obama and tell them we cannot afford anymore. We give them hundreds of billions a year in taxes already. Cut Gov't overspending and live within a budget not future budget there current budget. We will only get more freedoms taken away if we don't speak up. I am all for doing everything you can to help the environment as all responsible humans should. But not at a higher expense when we are already still struggling!!!

Don't give up! Keep pestering your congressmen. If this cap and trade makes it, we are definitely screwed.

I'm not familar with the Cap and Trade. Even in Ca older bikes are grandfathered in. Surely other states would do so. As far as current states allowing conversions-yup your screwed. They are going away one by one any way, huh?

Many if not most states will fight it due to costs. Right? Even with the required annual fee of inspection i believe the expenses are more than collected. States can only take so much more money for current services like public schools. It will happen but i question the timing.

Ya think the leftists driving this shat down the nations throat & who want all OHV use stopped will grandfather anything in?

We are wasteful criminals and they & the feds they feed with campain $$$ couldn't care less about our needs, wants or desires.

The damage to the economy didn't stop them yet, look aROUND!!! Damn the torpedos!

Keeping you & I out of OUR PUBLIC LAND (!!!!!), and in front of the telly watching "whale wars" and survival TV is an "at any expense" priority to save the world from mankind. Manbearpig rides a dirtbike & we are all doomed.

I'm not familar with the Cap and Trade. .

It got passed in the house and much of the media is covering Michael Jacksons death. Guess that is more important then some of the crazy stuff in this bill. Supposedly, if you want to sell you have to get it inspeted by some fed to see how energy efficint it is. If it falls below a certain level you get to install new windows, more insulation upate appliances..ect... before you are allowed to sell it. That should help the housing market lol

I don't see a "grandfather" coming with it for bikes

ok guys, put your flags, guns, and moonshine down for a second, take a deep breath, and relax. :lol:

I am as concerned as anyone, being a collector of classic two stroke street bikes (i have owned 4 and am finishing up one at the moment) and am not wanting to give up the last few shreds of land left that i currently illegally ride on. I think current vehicles would be grandfathered in. This includes not only bikes but classic/current production cars. They're not going to take every vehicle off the road! Losing riding areas has nothing to do with this bill, that's a whole 'nother ball o wax that's been set in motion long before Obama took over. Talk to the sierra club, they were stringing wires across trails in Cali in the 80s.

Before we get excited about all our dirt bikes being made illegal we need to do some research and find out the truth. It seems like we're getting a tiny bit irrational here... i think this bill is aimed more at factories and cars than dirt bikes which make up an share of the market that barely registers on the pube-o-meter. Even with all the emissions standards for cars i can't think of any states where you need to get your bike smog tested. Heck, people are even VOLUNTARILY switching to four stroke motocross bikes! Even if some restrictions are enacted it might be easier than we think.

So before we panic, someone please do us a favor and try to track down the language in this bill specific to ORV. None of this "well i heard..." stuff, that's no good secondhand info. Who's volunteering to pull an allnighter watching C-SPAN? :worthy:

Call it what it is, "Cap & Tax". This talking head on the news tonight said the average family's energy bill could increase some $3000 a year from Barry's new taxes.

Here is what Barry had to say during the election.

He lied.

Our country the way we know it is gone. Send emails or write till your blue in the face. DC or your state capitol doesn't care what you think. They know best because they are the elite of our society. They can use your money for their purposes better than you can use it for yours. They believe they are saving you from yourself. Freeeeedooommm is going away every day. Pray to the good Lord above that they leave us alone for one more day and go ride every chance you get. Utilize all your freedoms cause you are living in the last days of having them. If your under 35 most will not realize what they have lost or regulated into nonexistance in just the last 10 years.

It's refreshing to read all the informed positions in this thread. However, before the election last year on this board, I was actually scoffed at for my opinion that Obama will implement some radical changes. This guy and his ilk are the most dangerous threat to traditional Americas and the ideals that have made this the greatest nation the world has ever seen.

Contrast the video posted above with Obama’s real intentions:

The fact that OHVs might be even just a fraction of all carbon emissions means nothing. It will be a big deal for the greenies PR to kill bikes, quads, jeeps, snowmobiles, watercraft, etc. The "enviros", who mostly live in urban areas, will still be writing checks to the loons who want the public land closed to the public.

Everytime Al Gore flys to give a speech about global warming he is wasting more fuel than I could burn in a bike in ten years but his jet is a necessary evil, as is his mansion, yacht and limo, to save us from ourselves.

Welcome to the "New Europe".

I guess I'm a little confused. Since as a class motorcycles get better gas mileage(and therefore less carbon emissions) will they not be actually promoted by cap and trade? It would seem to me that the SUV piloting masses have the most to loose here.

Just like my congressman I haven't read the 1500 page bill. At least he voted no . Not really sure what is actually in there. What am I missing?

If they plan on eliminating recreational fuel use, they had better understand that it will essentially destroy tourism. Take a flight for a vacation, sorry banned. However, I'm sure that only dirt biking and boating will be banned. You can drive an H2 to the park no problem or take a flight to some foreign destination. Too bad those activities emit so much more carbon.

I wounder what Mr. Waxman's or Ms. Pelosi's carbon foot prints are. I'm sure they are at least an order of magnitude larger than mine.

They could have promoted streetbikes all along during ANY energy crisis. Hasn't been done yet, seen a tax free motorcycle purchase incentive from Uncle Sam these last near 40 years? Seen registration fees drop by the states?

The references here are towards "recreational" use motorcycles, race, trail and such though anything burn ing fossil fuel, even necessities, are being targeted. Forget cruising or a trail ride.

How long till we get fuel vouchers, like the old bread lines of the communist block?

Don't kid youself into believing most of our bikes are great on fuel. Most bikes on the road can't beat a 4cyl econobox from Japan. Small bikes and many Harleys knock down 50mpg. Even these can be beat by a diesel Jeta. Average sporty bike can be beat by many 6cyl cars.

As ar as emissions bikes have had a looser set of rules for years. These have just recently begun to be tightened hard. Euro standards were tighter for years but we are ahead now on it according to what i've read.

Euro 3 is worldwide in 2011 right? The death of all 2ts and cats & FI in everything tuned uber lean so they barely run. Good times.

Don't give up! Keep pestering your congressmen. If this cap and trade makes it, we are definitely screwed.

Yes, Yes, Yes...keep it up. Call, send emails and faxes!!!

Flip over to National Review Online website. An article today called "A Garden of Piggish Delights" lists the top 50 reasons to stop the cap and trade bill. Reason 26: "The bill instructs the EPA to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions from mobile sources such as cars, trucks, buses, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, boats, planes, and trains". I don't know any more specifics - even most congressmen haven't read the bill yet. Someone posted earlier that they thought this bill was aimed more at factories and cars than dirt bikes. Maybe so, but we certainly made the list. The EPA does plenty without being instructed - just think what they can do when they are instructed to act and funded!

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