How to install Gel in you own seat for under $60...

Since I leave tomorrow for 10 days of enduro riding in South Dakota, I waited until the last min to Gel my seat.

I ordered a 6.5"X16"x 3/4" thicK slab of Gel from Trico Sports in California(818- 899-7705 / The gel plus shipping was $54.53. They will cut any size and any thickness, just let them know what you want. The Gel comes wrapped in a thin plastic sheet which I leave on it. The stuff is pretty gooey & is not supposed to react in any way to the seat foam or plastic, but I figured leaving the baggie on it is just extra insurance.

First flip your seat and remove the zillion staples:


Then peel the seat cover back(you only have to pull enough staples to get to the foam you want to remove) and lay the gel where you want it, tracing the outline on the foam with a Sharpie pen.


Go outside becase this makes a mess: Put a wire wheel on a drill and carefully route out the foam with the wheel. I do the perimeter first, then the middle. Check you depth frequently until the Gel slab sits level with the seat foam, this important because it will appear seamless once re-covered and stapled.


Once you are happy with the gel in place, pull the cover back down, and start stapling from one end to the other while pulling it tight(it helps to have help and to put the seat on a hard surface(like the tailgate of my '68 Chevy:ride: ). I used 5/16" staples & I don't think I would go any longer.


I did this on my Road King and put 40K miles on it with zero issues.

That's arse will thank you!


Pretty slick. Do you have a picture of the gel pad itself ?

Sorry, I swear I took a pic of it nestled in the foam before re-covering, but dang if it was not on the camera when I down loaded the photo's:banghead: .

This Gel was black, the last stuff I got from them was green. You can re-shape it easily with a razor blade/knife if needed. Keep in mind that it is sold buy the lb or the sq inch, so try and get the proper measurment so you don't wast any $. I didn't trim this one at all, but could have nipped the two front corners off because there is a slight swell on both sides where the seat narrows a bit.


Nice write up! I have been debating messing around with my stock seat just for shits and giggles, maybe this is something to try.

Let us know how it rode. Looks real nice.

A great help to a painful problem. Thanks for the pictures.

Just got back from SD. Maddogg, it rode great, but I guess my arse is just too big for a 2x6. The gel does help becasue when you butt goes numb you can shift to a different position and it relieves the pain for a lot longer than with foam alone.

Here are some trip pics, some crossing the Cheyenne River:




Juicy water crossing there, Moto. Looks like a fun ride.

Good seat mod info, too.

That's slicker than axle grease Motor7! you only used that steel wire wheel to shave the foam off of the stock seat? I like it. Thanks for the write up. It's B.A.!! :worthy:

LM, the first one did was my RoadKing seat. I tried a razor, a serrated and a electric knife. None of them worked as good as the wire wheel.

BC, we crossed going West to Hot Springs with no real problems, but when we came back the Eastbound got a little hairy. Sorry for the "tripod", but it could not be done without both feet down, as there were large rocks with voids large enough to swallow 3/4th's of a wheel. Next time I go out there I'd like to take the Truck Camper, the horses, the DR350 and a that would be a vacation!!!!


Next time I go out there I'd like to take the Truck Camper, the horses, the DR350 and a that would be a vacation!!!!

Ohhhh, Moto7, I think I love you! :worthy: That's exactly the setup I'd like to have. We currently have a LQ horse trailer - I'd like to downsize to a Lance truck camper...

We were horse-camping up North of Durango (Hermosa drainage) and had the fun of watching guys trying to ford a river on 50CC bikes. Those were the only bikes left at the rental place, and these were regular size guys trying to go trail riding. Just about busted a gut laughing (they having a good ole time, too). :banana:


It has been awhile now since your seat mod. How has it held up? I am very interested in trying it out.

Is it marginally different or could you spend a whole day in the saddle now?

Thanks for the great description and pictures.



It's holding up well, but I must not have routed out enough foam along the edges as I have a lump on both sides at the front. Getting the gel to blend down into the foam is very important to have a seamless look so it is my fault for getting in a hurry.

Anyway, the pad on the aftermarket seat cover is very thick, so it has effected the gel's full capability of comfort. Also, the narrowness of the DR seat vs the wideness of my arse creates a whole set of issues that even 1" of gel cannot "rectify"(pun intended).

The biggest benifit of Gel in any seat is that once your bum goes numb on a long ride, when you shift positions, the Gel gives you more time in the new position before having to shift again.

Would I do the install again...? Yes. Would a wider seat with Gel installed be better? I guess it is what it is. I think the biggest remedy is lots of seat time to "case harden" the arse to the Dr's 2x6 board of a seat. It going to be 8 degrees here tomorrow.............c'mon spring!


It's 1.6 Degrees here now. I'll bet that gel seat is cold and stiff now. Did you have a special tool to replace the staples?

No, any Stanley type stapler will work. I used to use stainless steel(Monel) staples for this kind of thing, but the price I just used reg steel ones. If you are on a coast, spring the $ for Monel or they will rust quick.


as good as it is that you're DIY'ing it I seriously suggest investing in a corbin or possibly a renazco. I have the former and I could go even wider still but i've done quite a few long rides in recent months. Longest being 12.5 hours in the saddle minus fuel stops. Maximum time before having to shift on the stock seat was 40 minutes for me. With the corbin it's about 4 hours but unlike the stock seat where I had to shift every 5-10 minutes, with the corbin it's maybe 2 hours. And by far the biggest issue is not the seat but rather wind pressure at highway speeds. Comparing a 12 hour ride with a screen to 12 hours without, the latter is much worse and much more tiring but the seat isn't an issue either way. Doing that on the stock seat, regardless of what you do to it well.... good luck

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