Georgeous day in riding heaven!

Walker Valley ORV. Mt Vernon WA. Spectacular Views, Perfect weather, Great combo of cool trails and old logging roads, Sweet 99 XR 250R to ride on. What a day!:worthy:





i love where i live - upstate ny with the catskills and adirondacks, but you are on a different scale- beautiful...:worthy:

Wow, I'm not a huge trail rider, but that looks amazing! Cool pics :worthy:

GREAT WAY TO START OUT! This is a bitchen 1st post RedRider99. Let me be the first to give gas to you! Yea, that's what I call heaven, S/T.

so nice man. i cant wait to go for a rip today!

Awesome pics.....wish we had more areas like that here in NY!

Great pics. Makes me want to jump up from my desk and go ride.


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