19" wheel in a 18" swingarm???

I need some help guys; this may have been a bad idea and may have been a poor decision as I have shot first and now am trying to ask questions after the fact. I've got an 02' 520 EXC and I had the rear bearing on the power side explode and I didnt notice it until about 100 miles after I assume it blew and consquently destroyed the rear hub. Its still in one piece, but would definitely not last long if I were to just replace the bearings. So, with a new hub costing a mere $275 and a brand new complete wheel tipping the scales at $425, I turned to ebay in search of something used. What I ended up bidding on and ultimately winning was a used 19" wheel with a brand new Maxxis knobby already on it. My questions is, will I be able to run that 19" wheel with a 110/90 knobby on it in my swingarm built for an 18" wheel??? I did my homework first and measured from the center of the axle to the deepest point in the swingarm, and I reasoned that the extra half inch on either side of the wheel would safely clear the swing arm, as I ran a 110/100 18" tire on the old rim. I reasoned that the lower profile tire would compensate for the extra half inch in wheel size...am I off my rocker??? I guess what I'm looking for is someone who has made the switch and had successful results. Anybody out there??? Thanks in advance.

yes makes no difference whatsosever! i swapped my 18 for a 19 on purpose LOL, good luck everything will bolt right up.


SWEET!!!! Thanks a bunch!!!

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