Maps for PC5

For whatever reason I can't download the maps from Dynojet's website. Can anyone here email them to me? It seems like the website gives me an executable zip file to open but my PC closes it as fast as it opens it, before I can extract the maps. I've got the map Eddie made for me but I'm not running that setup right now and I haven't installed the autotune yet.

Thanks in advance!


it happens quick.

it automatically down loads them to your pc. do you check?

what map do you need?

Be careful, there's maps for the PC3 and the PC5 on their web site. If you have a PC5 and downloaded the PC3 maps, they will not show up in their software (the Power Commander software).

So do a file search on your computer, it's possible that you may have them. And if you can see them when you search your hard drive, but not through their software, then you've got the wrong files.

thats right,they do not interchange.

guys have been converting pc34 maps to pc5 maps by hand though.

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, I'm definitely on the PC5 download page and my map folder is still empty after running the executable countless times. No worries a friendly forum member emailed me the batch. The one in particular I was looking for was the map for the stock bike. I got the custom map Jonathan sent me, thanks again Eddie. Reason I wanted the stock map is so I could do seat of the pants comparisons going from stock to mod.

cool,glad you got it handled.

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