tripple clamps

will 08 clamps fit on a 09. thanks

I have been wondering the same thing as some companies list them as the same and others different.

Also will a lower 20mm clamp work ok with a standard top clamp?


No & No

What is the difference between the years then? Thanks

I have 09 clamps on my 06.

Same bearing dimensions. Using the 09 steering post too.

06 to 08 post and clamps are the same dimensions.

I think 07-08 were 24mm and 09 is 23 or 23.5

will 08 clamps fit on a 09. thanks


The clamps will fit, all the difference is that the 09s need alittle more clearance. I sent my 08 RG3s back and they just shaved alittle off the lower clamp for clearance. The 24mm offset will not set with a 23mm offset. You could probably make it fit but it would be to tight and bind.

Here is a couple pics of my lower clamp, you can see how there is a bevel in it. All you would have to do is file the 08s down alittle and they should fit.



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