Another DRZ400 Broken Case

Sad to say that I didn't get a set of case savers install on my bike and paid the price. Dumped my bike hard on a rock and the rear break lever got pushed into the clutch cover putting a nice big hole in the cover. I If having to haul the bike 10 km out of the bush and having replace the cover and brake lever wasn't enough the clutch may be shot too. A section of what I think is called the gear assembly has a piece broken off. It would be one of the tooth looking parts that holds the plates. Even if I get it all flushed out I can't imagine it will work properly with a piece missing.

The bike went down hard enough that I can't imagine clutch covers alone preventing a crack in the case, but I guess they may have saved the clutch from damage.

I'll try to post some pic's soon as soon as I figure out how


It would be one of the tooth looking parts that holds the plates.


that would be the clutch basket.ouch!sounds like when you do it,you do it right.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure !! Sorry to hear about your problem. Good Luck getting it fixed, Hope your hitting the trail ASAP !!!!

Dumped my bike hard on a rock and the rear break lever got pushed into the clutch cover putting a nice big hole in the cover.

I guess in this case... you really can call it a 'break lever'. :worthy:

Here are links to pics of the damage

Does anyone know if the clutch will still function ok like this? Or should I just replace the broken clutch basket?

Can a diy'er replace a clutch or is it best I get a shop to do it?

Anyone use a different clutch cover then the oem ones? I see a few different models online. Anyone have experience with any of them. I see that Sharkfab, factory pro and one called Big Moto are on the web. Thanks for any help you can provide!!

If you put it back together like that and it comes apart you are gonna hate yourself. Get a new clutch basket and put it back together right. You can do it.

its not hard to change out the clutch basket if you get a manual or an article on how to do it, its fairly easy.

I just got a SFB Racing replacement clutch cover today. Looks fairly well built, except for that the grove that the oem o-ring gasket fits into seems deeper than the original resulting in the o-ring not touching the engine case. Seems to me that if I bolt it on like this I'll just end up with metal on metal because the o-ring does not stick out. Anyone else install a SFB clutch cover? Any suggestions? Haven't called SFB yet.


Forgot to state that this is not a new o-ring I am using. Would a new o-ring be thicker? Do they shrink?

Thanks again

O-rings don't shrink. They expand in the presence of petroleum, but if the one you've got doesn't even touch the case, I'd be wary of installing it.

I have a SBF, used the stock o-ring, no problem at all. Love it. And it's green to match my KLX.

But...they are cnc'd, not cast, so perhaps it could be slightly off?

Give them a call, I'm sure they stand behind the work they do.

"O" rings can shrink and/or swell depending on what chemicals they come in contact with. But in your case what you are seeing is "set". It has changed shape from being compressed. Measure the depth of the "O" ring groove in the OEM and the replacement cover. Depth should be the same. If it is, a new "O" ring is the answer. If not, sent the cover back.

Thanks to everyone who helped me get my bike back together. In the end the SFB cover was machined wrong. They sent me out a replacement and this one seems to fit very well. In the end I ended up with a cracked clutch pressure plate, broken hub basket, broken hub assembly on top of the clutch cover and brake lever. It was a mess. After waiting some time for all the parts to show up I think I finally got it running again. Went for a spin around the block and all seems to work well. Don't seem to see any leaks yet. Did the primary and stator fixes at the same time. These faqs plus the clutch maintenance one were a great help.

CFC Case covers are ordered and on their way. Wish I had not procrastinated on ordering them before I hit the dirt.

Great Forum!

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