Pro moto billet kickstand vendors?

I'm going to post on the TT store forum if I can as well. All of the usual sites I use to order parts (including the TT store database - the first one I checked BTW) all list the PMB silencers, but no one seems to have the kickstands in their database. I'd like to order from the TT store if possible, but I'm just curious as to why they're not listing them through most "normal channels" - I'd love to not have to find a tree or dump the old 426 over every time there's a "trail mishap" with our group... Thanks for any replies!


Call the TT store. Just because they don't list it doesn't mean they can't get it.

Cool - thanks! I sent them an email after posting this so I'm waiting to hear back. Thanks for the quick reply!


Check with Trailtech on They make a kickstand for the 426 and half the price of a promoto billet. I have used one on my 400 for 2 seasons now, fitted right out of the box, no problems with use.

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