Chain length?

G'day men.

Have just fit a 50 tooth rear sprocket to my 08 TE450 (replaced standard 47) and now cannot refit rear wheel as chain is too tight. Can anyone tell me how many links will I have to buy to get the standard chain to fit - CZ 520 ORM?

Hopefully do not need to get a whole new chain as original only has 700 KM's on it and is in good nick.

Thanks for any help.

buy a new chain, its gonna be too long any way (and youll need a new one at some point) and cut a few links off it and use them.

my 09te450 came with stock gearing of 13/47- there's no way I could put a 50 rear sprocket with this chain. Idealy for tight woods (average trail speed of 20mph)-13/50 is pretty ideal. 13/47 is great for 2 track and more opn areas (average trail speed 40mph).

I put on a 12 counter sprocket to get approximately the same gear ratio 12/47~=13/50. That way I can wear out these sprockets and chain this season and next season get a new chain 50 rear, and swap 13 and 14 counter sprocets. I can swap the 12 and 13 for now. 12s wear quick but I will run the 13 alternately.

The other (cheap way/conservative way) would be to add another master link and another inner link. I think 2 links would be enough- but 2 masters is like adding 2 weak points- rather than 1. unless you can find someone who can swedge a link on correctly- I wouldn't try it with my chain tool- not enough strength for a 520, but timing chains it works fine.

Other than that just buy a new chain- figure out how many links you need- and grind off the rivit head (swedge) then press off with chain tool.

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