Non Disengaging Clutch / Hard to neutral

hey all,

i have a 2004 kx250f, and when i pull up, gear engaged and clutch in, it still keeps driving (draging clutch?), also neutral is impossable to find? What can i do to fix this? thanks

Well the issue with neutral could be due to bent shift forks how ever 04-08 kxs have notchy transmission shifters and can be somewhat difficult to find neutral.

The disengagement could be due to a knotched clutch basket or a bad clutch cable.

Try tightening your clutch cable for starters.

hey, thanks for the info, have already tightened clutch cable, also i should add, that when neutral is found , which is not the main problem, it wont stay there it moves to 1st or 2nd.

So what should be done, both for the clutch and the neutral thing?

thanks all

i have the same issue with mine, my clutch cable is tight and it pulls the lever all the way back, but it still drives with clutch in.... also super hard to find neutral i have to use my hand to do it 90% of the time with the bike off.


well, my clutch cable is wound up so there is no free play at all, so im guessing that its not the cable, altough that is all the adjustment at all. So where to go now, i have checked my workshop manual, and it seems that the neutral problem may be sloved if the clutch issue is fixed, So i am aiming to fix this first, so any suggestions would be great.

I went and rode today and am having the exact same issue. I tried adjusting the cable/lever to the extreme both longer and shorter and nothing seems to help. I cant get in neutal with the bike running and have to use my hand to find it when the bike is off. I tried google and found that most people that have this problem have found that clutch discs are stuck together and oil cant get between them. Typically they say that when the oil warms up it will get between them and the problem will be solved but thats not the case for me. Before we tear into the clutch does anyone else have any ideas??

I have the same problem. right before you are going to stop, rev the motor with the clutch pulled in. that breaks up the discs and allows me to stop without stalling the bike.

notched basket?

as kawgod1230 said, rev the bike and neutral will be easier to find, you might have too much oil in there too ;-)

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