2006 dr

I've had this bike 3 years last month and don't have any complaints, just wanted to say how great it has been. Just did my 12000 mile maintenance yesterday and am always amazed how easy it is to work on. Having owned many bikes in my 62 years, I do believe this is the best all around machine I have owned. Picture066.jpg:worthy:

Yes, they are a great bike. I think mine is an 06 model too. I love working on mine - just fitted a new front tyre. What is the pipe on yours? How noisy quiet is it?

It is a fmf Q4 muffler with a stainless oversize header pipe. It is not very loud but it does make it sound more like a motorcycle. I put new tires on mine bout a month ago. It was quite a challenge getting the old ones off with my 2 short tire irons.

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