Gold valve instructions

Wondering if anyone could help me. I just bought Race Tech Gold Valves on ebay and they came without the video or the instructions. Does anyone have a copy for either part number FMGV 3520G or SMGV 4601. Any help would be appreciated. I would be willing to pay for them.

Forgot to metntion that these part numbers are for my 07 YZ250F.

I bought a Gold Valve kit for My 2004 RM250 forks...First of all Your not missing much on the video,,,in it,, there working on an old set of Honda forks which I'm sure is not like Yours, I know they weren't like mine.My best suggestion is that You call there Technical Hotline number which is 951-279-6655....There web site is't get Me wrong, the valve works good...but getting information from those Guys are like pulling teeth..The tech hotline is not open on weekends, and, on regular weekdays... it's only open 8 to 5...So I had to get info during regular working hours,,,so plan on that....The web site has a custom adjusting chart for Your weight and riding skill's for the right springs and the valve stack combination...But You can only get access from an access code that is on the instruction sheet which You don't have....Call the hotline and squeeze all the info out of Them,no matter how often You have to call, or try to get that code from Who You bought it from....It's really worth the trouble ,I got the old Suzuki adjusted just right,,,,nice and soft but can still take on the big jumps....If You want to see the difference how much the gold valve makes,, try slipping in the gold valve in place of the stock one...keep the stock shim stack....You will see it really makes it better ..........I wish the weather here in Texas would drop below a 100 degrees ,I'm really chomping at the bit to go riding for more than 15 minutes without getting heat stroke.........Good luck Partner......Dr.D.............

First of all, a big thank you for all who posted trying to help me. Today, I contacted Race Tech sales and was able to order instructions for both fork and shock, along with the video for the shock. They said the fork video hasnt changed in a long time, and I still have a VHS copy from my previous revalve. The people at Race Tech were very helpfull. I often read on other posts that they stingy with info. Maybe they are trying to change their customer service image. Once again, Thanks to all and I look forward to posting more soon.

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