Sag Help 2008 250 XC-F Traitricks says

205 without gear, 220 with

Changed rear spring. I now have 44 front (stock) and 76/250 rear

Preload is 7 (recommended 5)

Static is 35 (33 recommended)

Rider sag is 115 without gear (113 recommended)

It looks to me like I am out of spring. Javier of trailtricks says he is the same weight as me and is running a 74/250. I am over the preload and still do not have numbers I want and when I wear all my gear my rider sag will probally go to 125.I bought the spring used It looks fresh but could it be worn out?

those numbers don't look that bad - imho not necessarily a need to change the spring, unless you're unhappy with it

Have you actually weighted yourself with fully geared up?

15 lbs. is not very much riding gear.

Anyway, you look pretty close with your sag.

Be sure you have someone measure the rider sag while you are geared up. Don't try to measure it yourself.

The reccomended sag numbers are just a good place to start. The adjust to suit you riding style.

How does it handle?

You could go up one sixe on the spring and run less pre-load.

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