2004 300mxc

I am looking at one of these. How much diffence is there between this and a 300exc? I think I remember different fuel tank size, and no lights and possibly different gear ratios. Are the lights just an add on or is mxc like an mx bike with no lighting coil? Also if there is a gear ration difference, how is it different?



FAQ has this info

MXC has coil and SX gears

actually the 300 MXc had a slightly different trans than the 250Sx, fuel tanks are the same, it has a lighting coil, just not as big as the EXC, suspension is the same, really the tranny is the only real difference, you can add light easy enough if you need to other wise the 2 are identical, excellent bike, I had one of them.


04 SX and MXC have the same gears, look up the part numbers. Per the parts guide again they both have the 2K3 stator.

I rode it today. It seemed fairly fast in first gear even with 12/49 sprockets. On the east coast a super slow 1st gear is important and that one didn't have it. I need to try an exc or xc-w.

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