Cycra Probends handgaurds on a 650r

Does anyone use these handguards? What are your opinions and do you have pictures. I am thinking about the triple clamp mount version, but would really like to see what they look like on the "R". Also concerned about clearance around the headlight/numberplate.

Thanks Roger

Like them a lot

Bike has fallen twice now on the pavement and the guard protected it each time with no harm to the bike or the guard.


I use them and love them. They take an amazing amount of abuse.

I don't run the stock headlight, so I can't tell you about how it fits.

When I am installing them, I use my trailer hitch to bend them to get them exactly right. Remember universal guards mean that some fitting will be necessary.

I would also recommend the triple clamp or the solution mount opposed to the crappy clamp type.:worthy:


Those are both great looking machines. Motomanx are those the the triple clamp mounts? That is what they look like but can't tell 100% from the picture.

They are side triple clamp mounts. I have CR clamps and USD's on my pig.

See this thread

XRandWRRider was a big help (and just the little push I needed) in getting the setup done. Thanks again Jeff!:worthy: That pic was taken 3 days into a 7 day (1600 mile) trip from Tecate to Cabo.:lol:

Before when I had the stock forks I also had the triple clamp mounts, but the front version.

Looks like the front mount version is what I would need. That thread was a good read. Thanks for all the info.


I use them with the triple clamp mounts on my SM'd XRR with CR/CRF forks also. They work real well for SM with the replaceable sliders. They are even spaced out further between guard and mount for the SM master cylinder clearance.

I use HB mounts on my BRP and triple clamp mounts on my YZ.. The one thing I noticed right away is that the triple clamp mounts is that they stiffen your bars quite a bit, adding to bump shock (through the bars) and arm fatigue.. Much more sturdy though IMO..


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