Front Brake Upgrade

Ive started practicing my front wheel wheelies. I can hold the rear wheel up for a good 6 - 8 yards and am working on going longer. My problem is brake fade. After 2 hard stops, it looses alot of braking power and I have to wait some time for it to cool before I can go at it again.

Ive replaced the brake fluid with Castrol brake fluid dot 4 from a new bottle which helped a little but not enough. The entire braking setup is standard 08 YZ450F.

Im happy with the braking power but I want to look at some options to reduce the fade.

id start by replacing the stock brake line with a braided steel line..i can roll stoppies for 150 foot on my gixxer..but like you said they used to get spongey...just swapping the lines with stainless steel lines improved the braking power and fade 100%

The key to stoppie is getting the tail high enough to the point you are not using much brakes..yea its scarey!

just swapping the lines with stainless steel lines improved the braking power and fade 100%

I've never heard that...

Anyone out there second that statement?

A stainless line will make the lever feel firmer because the line does not expand.

The SS line will give a more solid feel, but does nothing to address fade, if that's a problem.


Problem solved:p

A lot of us have had good success replacing as many Yamaha brake parts as we coudl with Honda items. EBAY has them for cheap.

I ended up going to a 2008 crf master cylinder, and a 2008 crf caliper. The cost was under 100.00 on ebay. For good measure I used a Galfer oversize rotor, but I could have easily skipped that.

What brake pads are you using? Most of the aftermarket pads I have dealt with are not so good.

I have the Galfer Oversized rotor on an 06 YZ450F.... doesn't seem to fade in races? Not sure what brake pads are on the bike though.

i also think that switchin to SS lines will help. as the heat builds up in the brake fluid, the rubber lines will expand more cause you to loose brake feeling (I think anyways)

A lot of us have had good success replacing as many Yamaha brake parts as we coudl with Honda items.

I'll second this. Just putting on Honda pads made a difference!!

What honda parts are you guys using? i just picked upa 06 yz450 and dont mind spending some unesscary cash on it!

as far as the SS lines..maybe because my street bike already has twin 13" rotors and great 6 piston calipers the SS lines made a bigger difference then in a dirt bike because the stock rubber lines wear the weakest link..all the other componets are strong...if The yz brake componets are SO-SO..then it makes sense to just buy more parts the the lines

I Tried!

Honda pads should be the first step. However, I hear they wont work on the 08 and 09 calipers. Not sure about the 08 yzf's. There was more gain using the oem honda pads (from a 2003-2008 crf 450 or similar) than there was using the galfer oversize rotor with the carbon galfer pads. Obviously, once the honda pads met the galfer rotor, the performance went up dramatically.

I then added the 2008 Honda master cylinder. This model has a mini-linkage built in to the master cylinder. Braking performance is supposed to increase, but I mostly noticed a rock solid feel when the lever was pulled.

I did add the honda brake line just because it came with the front brake assembly I bought, but there was no need. Its shaped just like the stock yz hose and really added nothing. I have a braided stainless line, but the Honda parts made much more difference. I have a team Yamaha issued front stainless brake line, but I never put it back on after changing to Honda parts.

With the caliper, you do need to mix and match a bit. The stock yzf caliper hanger is used, but the Honda caliper slides right into it.

Total out of pocket cash I spent was negative 20.00. I sold my "old" yz parts for more than the Honda stuff cost me.

its pretty rare to hop up your bike and make 20 bones!:worthy: Thats killer!!

who makes the CRF caliper's??

also i have a 06 ys 450..would thed CRF caliper bolt up to the older 06 hanger? Forgive me im just getting back into dirt bikes after a 5 year break, Just picked the bike up last night!

  1. who makes the CRF caliper's??
  2. also i have a 06 ys 450..would thed CRF caliper bolt up to the older 06 hanger?

  1. Nissin, same as Yamaha
  2. Yes

Grayracer-im new here but i can already tell your like the world encylopdeia of Motocross knowladge!:worthy: is there any thing you dont know!?!?!?!?

thanks for the quick to fleabay

The components all say "Nissan" on them.....Both Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki as well. However, something about the Honda stuff is different.

The Honda spec has the m/c hose leaving from the back of the m/c instead of the front. No external difference otherwise. Oddly enough, the Yamaha brake hose is bent identically to the Honda's. There is no need to change the hose when making the conversion.

I did notice the Team Pro Circuit bikes, many of them, using the Honda MC. Jake Weimers bike had one, for sure.

Its hard to make out the numbers on the mc in this picture, but I matched them up at the supercross race this year.

Yes, that Honda caliper bolts right up as long as you use the Yamaha caliper hanger, which you already have. One other benefit is weight. Yamaha made a huge deal abotu the small front brake caliper, and its light weight, for the 2008 and 2009 model year. The Honda caliper is lighter still. Mine was 8 oz lighter than the oem Yamaha caliper.

If your ebaying, try to get parts form the parted out new bikes. The honda pads are expensive from shop. I paid near 45 discounted for my first set. Actually, the Honda pads offer about a 50% improvement in the brake system. Try these first as it might be all you need. One of our guys used KTM front pads and raves about them..even better than the Honda pads, he said.

Note, Yamaha changed the pad shape on the front brake in 2008. The Honda pads wont work on the 2008 and 2009 bikes. However, the entire caliper probably would.

Now, if someone would kindly solve the rear brake on the Yamaha. Mines about as subtle as putting a 2x4 in the spokes.

I tried the Renthal works pads, and they are a slight improvement, but I really want somethign better.

Fasstco is selling a rear brake return spring kit that helped . I know, I know, how can it just does.

If I started my brake project now, I would probably skip the large front rotor. Its just not needed. If stock oem yamaha brakes take 3 fingers to get a good stop with the fornt end, the mongrel set-up takes one finger..or less.

The components all say "Nissan" on them.....QUOTE]

The components say "Nissin" on them..... "Nissan" is the car.

Actually, the Honda pads offer about a 50% improvement in the brake system. .

'06 YZ250 2 stroke. Made a big difference in lever feel, and overall brake power. Definitely the first place to start is with the pads, as RC says. By the way, I still owe you a beer for the idea, RC.:worthy: Thanks.

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