Where do stolen bikes end up?

Are they parted out, sold overseas, or are the low life scum actually riding them at the same places we ride? If the latter is true, what can we do as tt members to help? Would anyone support vin.# checks at mx tracks, Fed., state, and local, riding areas?

Some are probably parted out, Road bikes like Harley's and Ducatis might be sold overseas, because of the cost of shipping and the paperwork, but the hogs probably end up in parts at swap meets, a lot of bikes stolen by professionals would go interstate at least, esp. dirt bikes where there is no registration to worry about the VIN and engine numbers.

Bikes stolen by opportunistic thieves are probably stolen so they can ride them... you may find the bike in the next street or the next county, or a smart one would sell it one interstate and use the money to buy a legit bike... but then how many crims are that smart to start with huh? :)

I think the number checking is a great idea, it is all you basically have, but the admin and logistics of it is a huge job... the local/fed police would be the ones to hold a list of stolen numbers, then you need someone to be running those numbers at the track... It's a bit like drug testing, you have to catch them on the day, so they have no warning...

Nice idea, maybe you could invite the local police to the track one day to run the numbers... see what they find...


most of them get parted out on thumpertalk parts for sale forum.one good thing about it is thieves are usually selling stuff cheap.so you can buy your stolen bike back piece by piece at very good price.

Not funny freestyle. Anyone got a radiator for sale? How about a set of rims? :)

my guess is everthing but frame and engine cases are parted out. one could probably find tons of frames and cases in landfills and lakes.


Believe this or not but dealers have been known to buy parts from these scum bags and resell them or use them in bikes they repair.

Tanks, shocks, swingarms hubs and all are sold to other scum bags to to repair their broken down pieces of garbage.

The other bad thing here is most of the guys who do the thieving are doing it to buy a 10 buck bag of crack or a 10 dollar bag of weed. The guys who buy it, are usually selling the crap to the thieves..

Its a twisted world we live in.

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I had my frame powdercoated a couple years back and when they painted it they sprayed right over the VIN #. So I dont even know what my number is without going to the bank and getting my title.

That might be kinda hard to check everyone at the track with everyone painting their frames nowdays.

That is kind of a problem here in Vegas because you don't register bikes or have any kind of sticker system like in California.

I am however totally opposed to a registration process because it is just another way for the government to take your $$.

I always have my bike locked in my garage and stay with them at the gas station. I just ask my friend/brother to get me something while there in the store. It only takes a split second to take one and the police don't do crap about it here in Vegas. When you call 911 they put you on hold for like 2-3 minutes. It's a joke.

Anyway, back to the point, here in Nevada most of the bikes just get ridden and then sold. You would be surprised how many people don't have the title for their bike when they sell it private party. :)

Although in CA. we are not charged that much for the registration of dirt bikes,($20.00 approx.) it does burn me that the same money I pay to register my bike is probably not being used for anything to benefit off road recreation, ie. more access and trail maintenance.

Wherever they end up, my 1990 KTM DXC is there :)

The varmits pushed it 300 ft through 3 foot high snow drifts.

Even though I live pretty isolated from the city I insure my bike through our auto insurance company. The fee is only like $40 a year to cover thief. Seems like a small fee to pay to safeguard your bike.

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