Questions on my BRP

I picked up my BRP (2006 w/ 6000 miles) for $2300 from a nice guy headed back to Belgium. The original owner did some mods, but this guy knew nothing about bikes except get on and ride. After spending almost $800 bucks for new Distanzias, chain and sprockets (14t on front), and a complete service, I realized I'd better start learning to do this stuff on my own. So i've added a rear rack, painted the exhaust, and trimmed the front fender. The original owner bobbed the rear fender, added a clarke tank, a skid plate, and I think may have done some suspension stuff. The front end on this bike doesn't dive anywhere near as much under braking as my 2003 did.

So my next item is bars. I'd like to get some risers and new bars (like the Protaper EVO, and Rox risers) for my 6'2" frame. What's involved in this swap.? I'm not totally inept with tools, just have never done this before. Is it just remove the controls and bolt everything on? Any tricks or things I should know?

And can someone tell me from the pictures, what size my clarke tank is? Thanks!

Tank looks like a 4.0 gallon.

As for the bars, here's a picture of my setup. Pro Tapers and 200mm Moose Risers. I'm 6'3" and it is nice. The only issue with the install is that the controls have a "bump" on the inside of the perch that fits into a hole in the stock bars. This bump will have to be removed. It's plastic and my dremel made short work of it.


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