Cross Border Racer Insurance?

Hey guys (and gals), been looking into doing a few races south of the border in North Dakota and Minnesota but really concerned about health insurance. You see, if you crash your brains out up here in Canada, you're only financial problem is fixing your bike (aside from missing work if your layed up for a while). But if I were to race in the U.S. and need a visit to the hospital I would be F*CKED. I looked into Blue Cross Travel Insurance as this is the standard while visiting the US, while reading the fine print noticed that they DO NOT COVER RACING ACCIDENTS. Insurance company's are pretty clever, I don't think you could get away with telling them "I fell down the stairs". Anyway, just wondering if any Canadians have had any VALID insurance while racing in the US? Or is it possible to get insured by a US company while down racing for the weekend?


Insurance that covers you while racing is hard to find. Almost all health policies have that clause. Some only exclude racing for money.

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