07' yz450f....Electrical? Carb? GREMLINS!!!!

I have about 43 hours on her and she never gives me fits until this last weekend.

First part of the saga, a month ago I had a water ride(not intentionally). After the ride I stripped her down and re greased, cleaned, buffed, etc. She was like new again. 2 weeks after I rode it again at a track and she ran like a top. another 2 weeks goes by and I go to ride this past Sunday. She starts right up but is idling rough (just installed a sparky) thinking jetting might be a little off but its basically a screen so I don't think it would be way out since I already have it jetted for the pipe. I take off down the trail and within the first mile of tight stuff it dies on me in some slow sections. I ride this trail all the time and I rarely ever stall it. It starts right back up each time. I get to the back part of the trail where there is a mile long sand whoop section. I'm in the meat of 4th going through them when it starts sputtering and cutting out. Luckily I didn't eat it but made it to the end. As soon as I let off the gas it dies. I kick and kick and it might fire off two to three times but won't let me give it gas. Change the plug back at the truck to no avail.

Last night I pull the carb and tear it down and give it a good cleaning. Nothing obvious in the carb as to why it wouldn't stay running, like it was starving for gas. Put the carb back in and it fires right off but only hits mabe 5 times and dies. won't start back.

Now I'm thinking electrical. I go through the whole electrical system checking OHM readings and everything is within spec to the book. I reconnect everything and pull the left side case and make sure the stator isn't corroded from the water ride and everything looks brand new in there.

Button it back up and first kick fires and idles. Take off choke and idles, give it gas and she revs smooth.

I'm thinking it was in some connector? Can I use dielectric grease in the connectors? Is there a spray I could use? Any other Ideas?

Sorry for the absurdly long post, I just want you all to have the full story.

Thanks in advance. :worthy:

Yep, sounds like a loose connector. I can't see why you can't use dielectric grease on the connectors.

I wouldn't think it would hurt but I try hard not to assume. I would rather someone tell me I was an idiot for worrying than use it and it fry my electrical system. Not that I think it would.....

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