RM 250 Won't Run

I started it up and rode it around the house when it died. It acted like it fouled a plug. I put a new plug in it and it would only start for a few seconds and then it would just die. After many atemps I could only get it to idle and whenever i tried to build up RPMs it would die. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong.

this happened to my cr125 ur top end is finished replace the piston and rings or just the rings

My buddy had the needle break on his kx 500 and it did the same thing. Pull the top of the carb off and make sure the needle is in one piece or didn't loose the clip and fall down into the carb.

how did the plug look when you took it out? what about the new one?

Sounds like your getting spark and the motor seems to run so I would go to the carberator. How long has the bike/gas been sitting? Have you checked your pilot/main jet for being clogged(sounds like the main)? Do you have a fuel filter that could be gummed up? Check the gas cap that air is getting by. Start with the simple things first. Then as stated above, open the carberator and have a look.

i would check and clean air filter aswell.

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