another win!

Dylan snagged himself another 1st place - afternoon motos were canceled due to heavy rain at about 2pm, but the morning moto went really well - track was a rough old style MX track with some sick off camber sections, hill climbs, grass, sand, dirt, creeks etc. Just about anything you can throw at a rider. It's one of his favourite tracks ever - he likes a good challenge!

I don't think you guys get much of this type of stuff down your way anymore - I find most tracks in the US are becoming sx style man made beautiful dirt, highly groomed tracks mostly laid out so you can get good vantage points from a spectator aspect.

This track separated the men from the boys so I was told - haha - my kid now thinks he's a man!


hahaha lol

do u have any pics??

What class and how many riders? Was it MX or more of a offroad GP type of thing? Sounds like a blast either way!

65B about 30-35 riders - it's a club MX series (cover the season - 20 races, 4 throwaways, one overall winner) - we ride all sorts of tracks all over Ontario - from old stule MX to supercross style. This particular track was all old style natural terrain MX on a really cool nasty piece of land. Next ones will be very SX style built on flat land.

No pics of this one - track was way too spread out to get to any vantage points - it was basically watch for 20 seconds, don't see them for 3 minutes and hope they come around again.

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