Steel magnetic drain plug?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone makes a steel magnetic drain plug. i will never again use aluminum magnetic drain plugs because i torqued it last night and it broke off in my engine case and was luckily able to eventually get it out. i like the idea of magnetic plugs but i dont want to risk the weakness of aluminum, so i was wondering if they are made in steel as well? Thanks

anyone? i really need to know. thanks

I'll go easy on you. There is a chance that your plug possibly was defective in material or workmanship but there is an even higher chance you just simply over torqued it. Simply SNUG the drain bolt and you will be just fine with an aluminum plug. If your still set on a steel one, there is a guy on ebay that sells them except it's a larger head so you don't have enough clearance to get a socket on it with the frame in the way.

i use the moose magnetic drain plug

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