Central NY DS ride #3 July 12th

Hello CNY DS riders… Mark your calendars; July 12th (Sunday) is the 3rd installment of our CNY 2009 dual sport ride series. Round three is going to be a fun filled ride taking us through three counties with over 140 miles of off-road single and double track, seasonal/dirt roads and some abandoned railroad sections. We will have three hosts for this ride, each guiding us through three different segments of the ride. I’ll start off guiding through the first 3rd of the ride; Barry and Todd have agreed to guide the middle and final sections of the ride. You won’t be disappointed, this ride will take us through some of the nicest off road riding in CNY. We will have something for everyone… Mild fire roads, old enduro course single track, Abandoned RR beds, pipe line runs and even some optional hero sections that will test your riding skills and keep your adrenaline pumping. As always plan on a full day of riding with stops for fuel, rest and food. I’ll be sending out a follow up email with meeting and ride specifics along with posts in the ADVrider East regional forum and the Thumpertalk DS/Adventure forum this coming weekend. This ride will be a nice warm up for the Quarry run coming up in August. Keep in mind if you are planning on riding with the CNY group this will most likely be our last CNY organized ride this Summer. As always our rides are free, and no AMA membership or club work is required.

You can check out our ride previous ride reports and photos located on ADVrider at the following link: http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=438907&page=5

Hope to see you soon,

Doc Mike :worthy:

Cant wait! Taking the street wheels off the DRZ and putting the knobbies back on this week to get the DRZ ready for this ride!

Where are you meeting and what time/

Sounds awesome! How much is dirt/road? Is there camping?

Where are you meeting and what time/

I'll post more details this weekend. We are meeting in Newfield, NY at 10am, ride starts at 10:30am.... I'll post directions and ride details on the 4th!

Heli (Doc mike)

Sounds awesome! How much is dirt/road? Is there camping?

Mostly all dirt, a few miles of back roads. There are several local campgrounds available this one is closest ..... http://nysparks.state.ny.us/parks/info.asp?parkId=104

I'm in. Coming from Dryden. Don't leave without me.

Hi ,Im new here and live in Newfield and have some friends with DP bikes also.I'm glad to stumbelacross these messages.You can count me in.I live on the endfield side of Connecticut Hill .Just incase anyone needs to wrench.

See ya next Sunday

Hello all,

Barry and myself worked hard this afternoon clearing some more trails for the ride on the 12th, it was muddy today in the section we cleared, the stream crossings where up and we spend a great deal of time with a chainsaw (lots of fallen trees and brush clearing equipment breaking trail on some very cool old logging roads that not seen use for years. I'll be post the ride details tomorrow here and via the ride email list. if the rain stops, next Sunday should be one heck of a great ride.... I look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday!!!!

Doc Mike (heli)

Can i ride my plated 250X? it is not totally street legal.

Plated in NJ and does not have DOT tires or horn, mirrors.

Signals are mounted.

Can i ride my plated 250X? it is not totally street legal.

Plated in NJ and does not have DOT tires or horn, mirrors.

Signals are mounted.

Bring it!!!! Very unlikely that we will get stopped or see 5.0....

Doc Mike

Hello everyone,

Happy 4th of July! Here are ride details for the July 12th CNY DS ride. If you have any further questions drop me an email, PM or call me.

DATE/TIME: Sunday July 12th Start/arrive time is 10am will start will a short riders meeting and introductions. Plan accordingly, once we leave it will be hard to find us. We will leave at 10:30am sharp, so try not to be late!

START LOCATION: Doc Mike’s (heliyardsale) property. The address is 995 Van Kirk Rd., Newfield, NY. 14867. I’ll have a sign saying “CNY DS” next to our mailbox. When you pull in take the left drive up the hill to the shop. I do have parking for those of you who are trucking/trailering your bike in for the ride. We will have plenty of riders to help you unload.

I have had a few riders ask about camping; unfortunately I have plans on Saturday so I can’t personally host any camping at our start location this time around. For those of you looking for places to camp use your goggle fu, there are a ton of close camping locations and B&Bs some within a few miles of the start location.

RIDE DETAILS: Free and open to all DS/adventure riders. No AMA or club membership required. Try to arrive with enough gas to travel 20-30 miles before the first fueling stop. We will be starting out with a quick single-track section taking us to a friends MX track where you can take a few optional laps to get the blood flowing. From the MX track we will ride roughly 100-120 miles taking us through a mixture of off-road single/double track/seasonal/fire/logging riding conditions. We may have to connect using some paved roads but it will be minimal.

Myself and two other local CNY riders will guide this ride through three counties. Plan on bringing some water or sports drink to keep yourself hydrated during the ride. A hydration backpack is always a great investment for the DS rider, if you have one bring it. Also if your new to DS touring, pack at least a spare plug, and any special tools you think you might need for tightening your chain or any other minor issues should you run into problems on the ride. Don’t forget rain gear if the weather looks questionable. Most of us pack stuff, but there is no guarantee someone else will have what you need, its better to be safe and bring your own stuff than be sad and sorry.

As far as bike ability, anything from a small 125cc DS to a big 990cc adventure bike with trials tires to full knobs should be able to make all sections of the ride with little difficulty. We have plenty of riders to help out if someone gets in over their head on the ride. Be sure your bike is street-plated, inspected, and bring copies of your reg/insurance cards just to be safe in case 5.0 (although its not highly likely) stops us along our route.

We will break for lunch/food/gas/rest somewhere along the ride, so bring so cash for food/drink/gas. If by some unforeseen chance the weather is extremely bad or North Korea decides to nuke us, and we have to cancel the ride, I’ll post a cancellation notice via email, on the Thumpertalk DS and Advrider NE regional forums no later than Saturday night July 11th by 10pm. If I don’t post a cancellation, or sent you an email, the ride is a go.

I’ll probably bump both threads later in the week and send out a final reminder email on Friday next week. For now, enjoy the holiday, rest up, prep up your bikes and get ready for one heck of a fantastic ride in on the 12th. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. If possible, RSVP me a reply to this post or email me if you plan on riding just so I can have a rough head count for the ride and coffee pot.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, drop me a call, email or PM on the threads. If not, I hope to see you all on the 12th

Best wishes,

Doc Mike:ride: :worthy::banana:

If anyone needs to camp I have a camper set up and can host a few riders .I am about 5 miles from the start point. let me know.

thanks, Shultsy

i'll definately make this ride and if anyone wants i live like 15 mins from heli's house and i have two guest rooms and a pullout sofa downstairs and there is a parking lot right next to my house if you got a trailer. pm me for info

doc mike;

count me in. weather looks good, at least for now. see you next week.


Glad to see some of you locals coming to the ride. Shultsy was that you who rode by my house today on a KLX250? I was up back working in the shop when a couple of riders slowed, looked and continued on... It was a great day for a ride...

Hope to meet you guys next week.

Doc Mike

I'm thinking about meeting up with you guys, how far between gas stops?

I'm thinking about meeting up with you guys, how far between gas stops?

We should have access to fuel every 30-40 miles if needed.

I gotta make this ride- will start working on da wife this evening...

maybe it will burn my knobs down enough I'll 'have to' get new tires for the hancock DS.


The was me and my son headed up to the arnot forest .He was riding my buddies bike haven't found a used one for him yet I cant afford a new one for him and pay for his Ithaca college education.See ya sunday

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