Ethanol premium??

Is this a problem to run in my 200 xcw?? I was told it was not a good idea but most of the gas out there seems to have some in it...

Hot topic at times.Some say no problem others say different.I personally do not want to run that garbage in my bike and sled after some research i did. I'm hoping to find real fuel when the time comes all ya can get at the pumps here is that crap.

I was told premium didnot have ethonal in it. This was from a friend so take it with a grain of salt.

If there is ethanol in there, there HAS to be a label on the pump stating it.

Blended fuel is all we can purchase not in Nevadistan.

My biggest gripe is that the crap eats rubber fuel lines and destroys the tips on the float valve. Also, beware that this crap WILL absorb water. It will not seperate out like regular gas. This stuff is like running Heat fuel system treatment in your tank all the time.

So far, ive destroyed the original fuel line, gone through 2 float valves and i get very nervous around water crossings.....

Byt the way, did i mention that when you get water in your ethanol blended fuel, it forces your premix out of solution..... Found that out when i dumped my 300 during a creek crossing.

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