2003 KX 65 vs Newer 65s

I need your input guys. My son is 7 and has about 1 1/2 years MX riding experience on a few different 50s (currently on a KTM 50). He is ready to try a 65, but I am not sure if I should start him off on an older one or a newer one.

I found a 2003 KX 65 in good shape. It needs fork seals and is probably overdue a top end job. With a fresh top end, how would this bike compare to the newer KX and KTM 65s at the novice level? Would it even be competitive? Should I stay away from the older stuff if he plans to race it within the next 6 months? I was planning on letting him ride the 2003 model for about a year, then upgrade, but I would rather not touch it if he will get smoked by the newer bikes.

On a different note, what do you think a 2003 KX 65 in fairly good condition is worth? The bike is stock.

I'm not sure of the value of a KX65. Although I doubt that these have changed that much over the years.

If I were you I would go ahead and get the '03. In the novice class the rider is more important than the bike anyways. So buy it, let him play with it as long as he needs to and then upgrade when he really understands what he needs to raise his game.

KX65s have changed little since then, and they are dead reliable. Unless it's really been through the wringer, go for it.

I'm going to take both of your advice and buy it then. Thanks for your input.

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