2008 YZ250 - Do my bar clamps have offset?

I just picked up an 08 YZ250. The bike just absolutely rips! I love it. However I'm 6'4" 225... Bike is cramped for sure. I just got Guts tall seat and some RC high bars... but I feel like I need to move the bars forward to clear my knees...

By looking at the bar mounts I can't tell if they have a built in offset... Can I turn them 180 degrees and gain anything?

Any bar mount suggestions to raise AND move the bars forward a bit....

Just to be clear... not my top triple clamps... I'm referring to my bar mounts. Trying not to spend a bunch of $$ but I need open up the cockpit a bit.

I think one side is 2-3mm different.

The best idea on this would be an oem 2009 yzf top clamp. They have two bar position mounts. Not many being parted on ebay yet, but hopefully soon.

Actually a new triple clamp from yamaha is fairly cheap.

Thanks RCannon.. Are yzf250/450 all the same as yz250 2 stroke?

I dont think they are the same, but I believe it will work.

The 09 top clamp has a second set of bar position mounts in a forward position. I bet the clamp works on our 250's, but I have not tried it..yet!

Hey, one other thign to try is the rm/ktm factory bend. It opens things up by having no pullback on the bard. HUGE difference. WAY more than the specs suggest.

Thanks for the recommendations. I already put the RC high bar on the bike... that helped a bit. If I can find a top clamp, OEM or after market, for a decent price I think I'll try it.

Thanks for the ideas!

...I'm referring to my bar mounts. Trying not to spend a bunch of $$ but I need to open up the cockpit a bit.
There are a few places that make something like this...


...but I can't find any other links or sites right now...:worthy:

Good luck!

Capt. Dan. Thanks! That looks like exactly what I was looking for. Move the bars forward a bit and up.

I think between the Rox risers or buying a pro taper top clamp, I should be able to get the bars moved forward and up a bit.

Great info!

I'm not sure which way I will go, but at least I have choices now... anyone used the offset rox risers for an MX bike vs buying pro taper to clamps with forward bar locations?

Does anyone have an opinion on whether I should go with new top triple clamps that have a forward bar mount or go with off set bar clamps?

I originally thought the same as you, I wanted my bars high and forward. Im also 6'4". But the truth is the more forward they are the more it hunches you over and makes them seem lower. It makes you approach the "touch your toes position" more. What I did was got the Yamaha 5mm up and 5mm forward clamps (GYTR i think), and my dad machined some 1" aluminium spaces on the lathe, and I put a rubber washer under the whole stack. Now my Stock suzuki/Factory KTM bars are about 5mm forward and 30mm up and it feels 100% better.

I also did the footpeg mod to move them about 8mm down and 8mm back.

And got a SDG tall seat, my back/ass doesnt like that move. I pounded it with a hammer for 15 mins and now it is slightly compressible.

I meant to say the Yamaha GYTR bar clamps moves your bars 5mm forward and up compared to stock. With stock you do have a SMALL offset so you can make it slightly forward or back.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether I should go with new top triple clamps that have a forward bar mount or go with off set bar clamps?
An aftermarket tripleclamp won't really move the bar mounts all that far forward. They usually provide between 10-20mm of adjustment -- perhaps not as much as you need.

Maybe do a TT search for BigDR and Rox and see what other members thought of their experience with those risers. :worthy:

The handling changes as the bars go forward. I am sure its different for everyone, but you will notice the bike handling differently, faster feeling, once the bars move forward even 5mm. I dont think you would want 20 even though you are tall.

RM High... Best bar bend, taller than the RC's, less pullback than the reed/henry.

is 5mm enough? man..... 5mm seems like nothing. I can't imagine even noticing that amount.? I've seen several people say to get the lower foot pegs which I'm considering.. I currently have the RC high bars and Gutz tall foam. I'll see if I can find any threads talking about the ROX bar mounts. thanks guys.. any suggestions are welcome.

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