why wont it run off of gas?

Hello, I have a lawnmower that I have been trying to fix. I cleaned the carb and it will run off of the carbuerator cleaner but its like no gas it getting into the engine. why iss it doing this? Also, I do not see a primer on it. Thank you.

Any pics of the carb? If I could see the style of carb I could help diagnose it better. Check for fuel flow to the carb. You might have a blocked fuel line or plugged tank outlet.

always check that you are getting fuel first...pull the hose off carb side or take the float bowl screw out. Check fire, pull the plug lay against head, let go of it and pull the cord.

tell us what you got.

sorry..just reread that..it will run on the carb cleaner..so spark not an issue..you have something plugged up..I'm guessing the pilot jet in there...soak it in carb cleaner.

Jet is plugged or float height is two high.

It's the carb.

Get an electric or pneumatic drill capable of about 200-500rpms, and take the airfilter off, stick your hand over the air intake hole, then turn it over.

or, run it with ether as long as possible as high of speed as possible, and while it's running, jam your hand over the air intake hole and cut off the airflow. the suction from the engine will pull out all the carb gunk.

I've done it about 5 times so far, for mowers that dont run. only skinned my knuckles one time on the flywheel :worthy:

Now that's a good idea on the flywheel as I have the pull cord system spring which broke and I've resorted to using the 'rope' as the mower is fine, but the flywheel and coil spring and all that is impossible to find and would be more expensive than the motor.

Now I'll just get out the impact gun and run that baby on their until it starts...........hoping that when I pull the gun off the flywheel the socket doesn't stay on and then hit me in the balls, head, teeth or one of the windows in the cars or the house.

It'll be cool cause now it'll be like how they start the formula one cars and I'm sure I have an even bigger generator I put on that bolt!

Put fresh gas in it, if you haven't already. That seems to fix things like this often. If not, does it have a choke? My Honda lawnmower became uncharacteristically hard to start this past weekend. After checking just about everything, and cleaning out the carb thoroughly, I just happened to notice that the choke wasn't closing fully.......it was hard/impossible to see with the air-filter on. The cable slipped and wasn't pulling it far enough. Loosened the screw, slid the cable back 1/4" and the tightened the screwback down and now it starts perfectly on the first pull.

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