2010 RMX-450Z in U.S.A.?


This is an VERY interesting development. Even bringing back the old RMX branding is an indicator that this is something new and awesome. Are we going to get these in the U.S.? DOes this mean the end of the road for the DRZ-400? Is it going to be street legal? Is this a yellow KLX? Suzuki and Big K have buddied up in the past and swapped parts on the assembly line. Is it going to be Suzuki's turn this time, or is this a totally new bike that we can take to the road or the race track? Anybody got any more info on this (other than the obvious that IMS is already licking their chops at the sales figures for after-market tanks to replace this bike's 1.6 gal. tank)? I'm thinking about getting a new d.s. bike this year. I almost want one of these.

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