Fitment of different RM125 engines

Long story short I bought what I thought was a 99 rm125 bike for parts to replace an engine in another 99 rm125.

Get there and pay for the bike and it has a letter T for the 10th number in the vin. :worthy::lol: 1995??

I new as soon as I saw it it wasn't 96 or above b/c it didn't have the conventional twin chambers on it:bonk:

The bodywork and such look the same so I'm hoping one of you fine RM junkies will chime in and tell me the 95 motor will bolt right in the 99 frame:worthy:

Thanks in advance

95 rm125 motor in 99 rm125 frame?? will it fit??

I guess my original post wan't real clear on what I was asking b/c I was too busy ranting

Not really sure on that one. The 96-98 motors are very similar. I think the 99 was completely different (for example: an internal water pump that required the case to be split for replacement). So as far as being able to simply drop a 95 motor into a 99 frame, I don't think it will simply bolt in. But I've never tried so I'm not completely positive.

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