OT. Stupid Quebecers!

Peoples from Montréal booed during the playing of the U.S. national anthem yesterday night before the hockey game started against NY Islander.

By doing that, they were probably trying to express their feelings against the present war...

I feel so pathetic and confused! :):D :D

In Québec, 83% of our exports are going to the US and 60% of our jobs are directly related to US. What were these people thinking :D

Everybody is against war...I mean, nobody want innocent people to be killed. But my opinion is that tyranny has to be fought... What do you guys think?

During the last days I was considering to move to Australia for professionnal reasons. Now I feel more and more convinced to do it...

What a bad hockey night :D

Math. It just goes to show you that Hab fans have no class.

You know they banned the wave at the Bell center eh.

Too many Quebecers drowned.

Go Leafs Go

Just to mention that the most listened radio station in Québec city (260km from Montréal) is presently bitchin the habs fan for this also.

If the Nordiques were still in Québec city (the team moved to Colorado in the 90's), I would effectively say Go Nordiques Go!!!

Math - don't worry too much about the actions of a few stupid people. Most Americans know that Canadians like the USA just fine. Unfortunately our current useless government and moronic PM makes it seem otherwise. :) I think it's time for a regime change in Canada too!

FYI - a recent poll showed that a majority of Canadians support the U.S. military action in Iraq. No-one likes war, but sometimes it is necessary. This is one of those times and we can see that, even if King Jean and his trained seals can't.

Peace Eh - P.Z.

My experiences with montreal all involve good beer and beautiful women... canada is ok by me. :)



Why is it that Canada has so many beautiful women??? And whats up with the high-power beer??? :D:):D

Math it was sad to see the Nordiques go. My sister in law is married to Mark Crawfords's wifes brother who coached

the Nordiques in their last season. They had so much talent

and should have won the cup that year. Joe Sakic is still one of my favorite players.

I don't know why we have so many great looking women up here,but I'm not complaining. They sure keep us warm in the winter.

This should not be a surprise coming from the folks in Montreal.Canada's version of Berkeley. :)

It isn't just the canadians. Look at chicago and San Fran, And portland. 1500 protesters arrested. Damn. I don't know what to think. On one hand could this be avoided. I dont think it could. I have 4 cousins over there. I am proud of them and all the others that go where their government tells them to. Do those protesters like the fact that they can peacefully protest. that is because of those men and women fighting for us every day. Damn those protestors for doing what they are doing. Why not be supportive. IT will make the world a safer place. But those who booed the national anthem to the USA know who they are. Let them be that way. The rest of you who believe in the cause your our neighbor and you have hot women and strong beer. We love ya. specially if you ride the blue meannie.

I heard Islanders fans burned the Canadian flag last year.

Bad manners are rampant in spectator sports, have you ever been to Unadilla? People get a little booze in them and look what happens.

I'll be in Montreal in September, you can make it up to me then. :)

No biggie.

Why is it that Canada has so many beautiful women??? And whats up with the high-power beer???

Well you ever see that beer comercial were the ugly hag turns into a ravving beauty after a few molsens

with All them Ugly canadian women strong beer is the only way they can mate :)

:):D :D

I am a nine year veteran of two branches of the military. I've been to every continent in the world and seen the worst the world has to offer. I've spent time in the middle east. I know what they think of us and anyone else that doesn't belong to the same religious sect as them, whether it's muslim or not. There are good people everywhere, and every country has more than it's share of self righteous A-holes. Don't feel bad, the normal thinking people that make up the majority, know that they don't represent anybody in particular, they just want to be A-holes. War sucks, But someone has to do it. When the Warriors are gone, the predators will feed off the carcasses of the pacifists. Have fun, ride on, life's too short to let them bring us down.

So, many opinions are noted in this thread about what constitutes patriotism. Some say that to oppose an "unwarranted" war IS supporting our troops because to stop the action and bring them home is the best support possible for our loved ones - such as what eventually happened through the latter part of the Viet Nam conflict. Others would say anti-war activists are closer to treason and are "pulling the rug out from under" our troops. Both sides have small numbers of high-profile idiots who will say and do dumb things - but we all know that, and we wouldn't generalize such character attributes to whole populations, would we? Or whole nations? I mean, wouldn't that be a pretty dumb thing to do too?

In 1918, then presidential hopeful Theodore Roosevelt had this to say about supporting a president;

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public."

Just something to think about...

Ride on :)


you dont need to worry about Joey and Patty!!! :):D The rare mountain air was a good change for them. It even got them a couple of lord stanleys cups!!! I was never even into hockey until the team got here!! Now I am an ardent fan of the sport!! Too bad I didnt figure this out at around 5yrs old!! the fun I could have had!!!

I can remember sitting in the woods around the campfire, after a great day of pounding through the woods, with the final game turned up, screaming for Ray to win his first cup! Loving every minute of the devils (formerly known as the the Colorado Rockies) takeing a whoopin!!!

Go Av's


We have plenty of our own citizens who are just as bad or worse. Most of them don't even have the "being French" :D excuse. The tragic part is; most of them have their hearts in the right place as far as abhoring armed conflict goes. But that is where their valid argument ends, IMO.

The U.S. doesn't attack countries for believing in different politics or religion or even for being so..."French" :) (for me that is reason enough!). By "French", I am refering here to the tiresome attitude, not the ancestry. It is my observation from the many times I have traveled to Montreal and Quebec City that more than a few folks there consider themselves to be subjects of France as opposed to citizens of Canada. So be it. It is their loss, for Canada is a far greater nation in my estimation.

I learned something from my "poor man's business trips" to North American France: It was as close as I ever need to come to actually visiting France. The next time Germany wants to occupy Paris, they are welcome to it, and Canada will probably toss in Quebec for free. Crossing over into Ontario felt like leaving the Soviet bloc must have not so very long ago.

If the rest of Europe hadn't been so "tolerant" and quick to appease Hitler-Hussein (France especially), a lot of American blood would not be languishing in the soil of France. Great Britain certainly learned from Neville Chamberlain's error in this regard, and are even now fighting and dying to prevent a recurrence.

The sacrifices made were for nothing if the world did not learn a lesson from that. Shame on France and the "French" (wherever they actually live) for forgetting so easily. Shame on our own citizens who do the same. A few great nations, (read: a great many very great individual soldiers), are doing the dirty work of protecting them yet again, and receiving the usual "French thank-you".

I have no more use for hyphenated Canadians than I do for hyphenated Americans. (Did it ever strike anyone else as rather selfish of United States citizens to claim the term 'American' to the exclusivity of our two fellow North American neighbors, or even those in the South American continent? If ever a hyphen was justified, that would be it. i.e.> U.S.-American, Canadian-American, Mexican-American, Columbian-American, Argentinian-American, etc.).

Hyphen-dependent folks (due to where some or all of their ancestors came from and/or where they themselves would not want to return) may well feel the same about me for refusing to refer to myself at every (any) opportunity as a Scotch-Irish-German-French-(and whatever else was willing and able and available in the heat of the moment)-American mutt. Believe in something, quit sitting on the genetic fence and be proud of what you are and where you are or just leave.

More importantly, show some respect for those with the courage to fight and die for the sake of your convictions.

I thought it was a great inspiration for NY to whip the Canadiens and completely demolish their playoff chances.

I was a little worried that Montreal was going to deal the death blow to the islanders.....What Justice....

Bonzai :)

It may be improper to reply to my own reply, and I will accept whatever is dished out for stating my feelings about this, so the post stands. But maybe it will help to know where I am coming from:

This whole "war" concept really hit home for me a couple months ago when my buddy's young son, who I helped raise from a pup, called to ask if he could borrow my AR-15A2 and a few hundred rounds. He was very serious... like his life depended on it. Now it truly might.

He is in a reserve unit and is over there now I believe. He knew he would be going, like it or not, and was very concerned with his marksmanship and the fact that his training simply did not afford him the confidence of adequate rifle practice. It was suddenly THE most important thing to him... I hope he wore the barrel out now. Imagine, a country boy who did not get to practice with the military M-16 enough to trust his life to his skill, now scrambling for some practice time...

As I drove my semi all of last night listening to the radio, I could not help but worry about him. When the reporters finally had something 'meaty' to report, it was about a helicopter full of such young men that had crashed... Was he in it? All night I wondered... I can't imagine the agony endured every minute by the loved ones of our soldiers over there. Mine is just a small taste, I'm sure.

So, at least for the time being, any "boo'ing" done had best be kept out of my fist-range. These are scared kids over there with the courage to set that fear aside and the courage to do what is necessary. Boo'ing from the safety of a sporting event or picket line in a free country; well ... :) The UN sucks. The cowards in opposition on the "security council" suck. The cowards "boo'ing" suck. :D

Chaindrive nice words.......I wish I could have said it as well. :)

Its good to hear so many on this site feel the same way I do! As a first generation American who grew up in England

I am proud to be an American and although I dont agree with

every thing Bush says I am proud to have a president that has morals and conviction . War aint pretty but it is sometimes ncessary ,this is a tough world we live in and

here's to the armed forces that are willing to fight to keep the free world free . I owe you all a drink or two and I hope you are here to collect soon.


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