Has anyone tried this product?

I was looking at something like that on E-Bay, but the problem I would face personally is that they are not an approved sparkarrestor.

Yeah I mean it doesnt say that, but its the most blatent form of an "unapproved" spark arrestor Ive ever seen and to be honest I dont know how a conservation officer in their right mind could give you a ticket for that. I mean literally, the screen is right there and visibile. Im also wondering what it does to the sound of the bike, you are removing that whole cylinder out of there in exchange for just a tip. Ive got to imagine theres some weight savings there too. I also have a laser etcher at work and might copy the "US Forestry Approved Spark Arrestor" stamp thats on my stock cap and laser etch it on to this. How would the DNR ever know the difference?

I've read a thread here in the past, that these made the bike loud. Probabaly the same result as taking the complete end off the muffler

When I bought my CRF, thats what they sold me as a spark arrestor.

I ran my X without the insert to see how it would go. Not really all that impressive but incredibly loud. Can't imagine it would get very much more quiet with that on there. As far as the legality of it, I don't know alot how it works in other states, but the cops that patrol the orv parks here, didn't just fall off the truck, they also ride and know whats on the level and what isn't. The laser etching sounds like something to try though.

Yeah this is true. Im just looking for a solution to my exhaust without having to spend the 450 or whatever it is for an MRD just yet. We dont have a sound restriction in the state I ride in, but we do have the sparky law. So, loud pipes save lives, Im cool with that I guess, but I just was wondering if it was unbearably loud. Ill pick one up and let you guys know what I think.

That would be great. I'm in the same boat and can't really justify the cost right now either. But am curious to see if it is much quieter than just pulling the baffle.

I say save your money. If you think something that's $45 is going to do much for your bike your crazy.

The thing is, in the service bulletin for closed course comp, it speciffically says to remove that baffle. Essentially your opening up or uncorking the bike doing this, the problem is the lack of S/A.

I say save your money. If you think something that's $45 is going to do much for your bike your crazy.



Same here, once again I reiterate, "I HATE LOUD BIKES!"

I contacted that seller on ebay and he said it would not pass the 96db sound with the tip. Stock they're under 90 db I believe and that's fine with me, the quieter the better.

Besides I doubt there are more than 10% of the owners of 4 strokes that can use all the power they make now. My advice is to save your money for suspension upgrades.

Three letters: P, O, and S

I was looking at the db rating on my bike with a stock silencer and it comes in at 82 or 85 db at 5500 rpm. I would be curious to see what anyone who used it would say, but like I said in an earlier post, I tried my bike in the feild next to my house without the baffle in, and it is extreemly loud and I noticed little or no gain except for the noise. On top of it all they are not Forest service approved. I don't see myself with one, but would like to know what anyone who has tried it has to say.

When I bought my CRF, thats what they sold me as a spark arrestor.

The stock X does not require a Spark Arrestor only if you remove the whole Baffle spark arrestor combo. Depending on what year X (anything prior to 08) you can just remove the baffle and keep the stock sparky. I would look into MRD you can get a complete exhaust for somewhere around $400-$500.

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