how long does it take to recive parts?

it seems every time i order parts for my bikes it takes forever and i miss riding weekends.the dealer takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks for parts..and sometimes tells you they cant get that after you pay for it and have to go back to get your $$$ back! the bike places are about the same because they order the parts just like i would myself.and e bay you may or may not recived it i recived the wrong parts most of the time.i just ordered a skid plate and case savers from tt almoast 2 weeks ago,and they have not been shipped yet... so where does everyone buy their parts for fast shipping? i dont even care about the price ..i just want my parts when i buy them.or atleast be able to recive the parts i break sunday fixed for next sunday.

pay the big bucks by stipulating that your parts be shipped overnight.also anticipate what you will need ahead of time and keep those parts on hand.most dealers in my area do not stock an adequate supply of parts for the drz.

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