99 wr400-Extremely Hard to Kick!!

Scored a 1999 wr400 last weekend and can't get the thing started at all!:lol: I am familiar with the starting procedure because my brother has the exact same bike and starting his is no sweat. A lot of the time I can't even get a full kick and it stops mid way down almost breaking my foot in half(wearing boots). So i'm pretty frustrated with it :worthy: It seems to have tons of compression. Do I need a 300lb friend to start this thing?

What is causing this thing to be so hard to kick? Is it essential to install the hot cam exhaust on these things???:lol: :lol:

you're OBVIOUSLY NOT familiar with the starting procedure and your brother's bike has tight valves or worn rings or the auto decomp cam installed.......

The way to start the bike is:

Kick down to where it won't go anymore (the point where your foot breaks in half - yes - it's supposed to do that in stock form)

Now look by your left hand, you got this little lever right there - no, not the clutch - smaller - and probably black, you probably think it's a hot start lever.....

Well, now that the kicker has stopped, pull this little lever and I like to move the kicker another inch or so - just a little. Release the lever, bring the kicker up and kick it through nice and solid and fast just once (don't blip the throttle, matter of fact - don't even put your hand on the throttle - rest it on the tank).

A properly set up bike will come to life immediately.

I thought mine was gone break my leg at times. I did install the hot cams with auto de-comp and I will not go back. To each it's own but for me, hot cams are the way to go on these manual de-comp bikes. And I did get the magic super duper sequence down just right where it did not break my leg, even with flip- flops on.

Good luck with this great bike.

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