New Dirt, Larger Track @ Colonial Beach, VA

Thanks for the update. I just picked up a KTM 625 SMC last night :worthy:

Cool, bring it out. We'll find a class for you to race in. We have a 'Berg 650 & a DR650 who race with us not to mention some DRZ400's so the street legal class is well represented.

It is great to be able to load up the truck in the morning, drive over to Colonial Beach, race 'til you're flat worn out, and drive home, arriving in time for dinner. It is a laid back, fun bunch of guys to race with. Hope to see you there.

Everyone who didn't make it out missed a great day. :worthy:

The new track layout worked wonderful after we made some minor adjustments with input from the racers. The dirt section worked flawlessly. The 1.3 mile circuit length is now slightly longer since we eliminated the dirt crossover and turned the pit portion of the track into a straight w/ u-turn & a chicane. We added a chicane 1/2 way down the drag strip to keep people from bouncing off of the limiters for most of the length. And we added a chicane into the dirt on the return road back to keep it from becoming another drag strip. All in all it worked by the end of the day and all of the racers were happy with it.

We also made a layout on the infield for the mini's & the scooters so they didn't have to negotiate the strip & return road. They ran the same layout except the scooters bypassed the dirt section. The only down side to the layout is that the mini's run a track that is roughly 50 / 50 dirt & paved.

Everyone was happy with the new dirt section. Nothing was too difficult and yet it was challenging enough for the experienced riders. That is a tough bill to accomplish. The only problem I saw with the dirt was that I positioned the berms wrong for the turns. Most people bypassed the berms & merely flattracked the corners. I wil address that over the off season when I try to improve the dirt section.

Turnout was great, we had the best turnout ever. If you missed the race you missed a good time. Hopefully we'll see you at the next one- Saturday, August 8th.


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