Any mt. riding near Cedar City?

Highway 14 and 143 are up on top of the mountain. Are there enough dirtbike trails or roads to explore to keep me and my brother busy for a day or two? He's meeting me from Arizona and I'm driving down from Tooele to save him the distance.

We like mostly mountain and single track type stuff.

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Short answer: Yes, enough to keep you busy for weeks. You have the Paiute atv trail system & NF singletrack. Plus you can ride into any town - Beaver, Circleville, Marysville, Filmore etc - to get gas, plated or not. Have fun!

At 14 and 143, in the Deer Creek area, there are a lot of dirt roads. I was sorely disappointed on a recent ride up there. Couldn't find any single track.

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