Hatfield McCoy trails

anyone ever go to hatfield mccoy in west virginia?


My wife and i are planning on going there and i would like to know if their trail system indicators (28% are green trails (easiest), 41% are blue trails (more difficult), 17% are black trails (most difficult), and 14% are orange trails (single track only) are accurate.

My wife is a beginner, she can do some slate dump hill climbs and stuff , so shes not afraid to do stuff but i dont want to push her out of a safe boundary. Any comments about the place at all are welcome as well.


The place is no joke. Big Hills, Big Rocks, and Big Cliffs on either side of the trail.

Ive only been once and didn't go to all the trail systems. go check out the forum on there website. some systems are supposed to be osier than others.

hatfiled mccoy vid on this page about four down i think


been there once. hard stuff is hard, easy stuff is easy and the little bit of single track they had was really good. go and have a great time

you guys know how strict they are with spark arrestors? i really dont want to spend $150 per bike to get SA tips. Do the rangers check?

I've been to H&M quite a few times. Like previously said. They are pretty correctly marked. Some of the single track is NASTY!! there is a ton of stuff there you can ride that will be great for both of you. The best place to stay for me has been the Colonial hotel, they have a restaraunt and a little store right there and they are super nice people. That is in Mann WV. The owner there is pretty knowledgable of the trail system as well and he can give you pointers and suggestions on where to go and where not to go. Good luck, have fun.

If its when no one is there like the week after a holiday then don't even worry about the spark arrestor... But other than that take a camera with a huge mem card cuz believe me you will be taking ALOT of pics man! Its a beautiful trip and the trails are endless. Please take a map with you because there is a high possibilty of getting lost. I've been there twice and the weather was amazing! Two thumbs up if you dig trails like me!

sweet i cant wait to go! I guess im not going to worry about the spark arrestor. We love trails. Didnt know if we were going to do a hotel or rent a cabin or something. Ill take lots of pics and make sure to post them in the pics section.

We are going the 22nd - 27th of July to the BearWallow section

you guys know how strict they are with spark arrestors? i really dont want to spend $150 per bike to get SA tips. Do the rangers check?

Don't worry about a spark arrestor. I don't think that you will have any problems.

Try to ride Rockhouse too. You won't regret it!

Been there five times in the last four years. Just returned from a week there on Monday. It's a great place. The trails are really well marked and the difficulty levels are accurate as are the trail maps. I've never seen anyone have their bike checked for SA's, but the laws requiring them are in place.

Since your wife is a beginner, another area that you may want to check out is the Little Coal River trail system. It's an easy and relatively quick drive from the Bear Wallow area.

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