Who makes complete soft seats for 07 WR250F?

I searched and came up blank. Does anyone make a complete soft seat for the 2007 WR205F? If not what are some options. I heard good things about Factory E. but they don't have the 07 listed. I would rather a complete seat than building one from foam but if I need to that will do. Guts or SDG have options?


I have been unable to find complete soft seats, too. Your options from Guts and other brands seem to be it.

How tall are you? I heard that the tall seats are great even for shorter people due to the position your legs are in. It looks like Guts is the only option, SDG and Factory do not make a seat for the 2007 WR250F


Its at the bottom of this page. I ordered the tall soft seat foam and installed the stock cover over it... works great, highly recommend it. Turns my bike into an easy chair for 3 hour rides.

try SDG you can buy complete tall seats or step seats for a yzf250/450 idk if its the same seat..... but idk why they would be different

I called them last week and they said they did not make a seat for the 2007-09 WR's that there was not a big enough demand to justify the cost of building them.

It looks like I am going to order a Guts now to decide if I want a soft or medium, suggestions?

try SDG you can buy complete tall seats or step seats for a yzf250/450 idk if its the same seat..... but idk why they would be different

Jolly, I'm 6'1". It does make the transition on my '03 bike much easier. Another mod I did was add a 1" bar riser. Once standing, I'm more upright, but still bent over. It's not nearly as hard on my back now. Another friend of mine added a 3" bar riser and use some dropped pegs. When I ride his bike its like I'm already standing up on it. The newer aluminum framed bikes have a closer seating postion, much tighter ergonomics, so opening it up a little really helps us taller folks and helps with the transition to standing.


Thanks for the feedback. I am def. ordering a Guts, now just need to figure out whether or not I need a soft or medium seat. I decided to stick to the standard height since I am only 5 9" and dabbing in the rocks is hard enough with the stock seat height :worthy: I seem to get mixed feedback between the two.

it might be best to call them, i think on my suzuki i have the soft foam and it will put you against the seat frame once its broke in, that might be something to think about, the drz i thought from the factory just used a 4x4 but once removed i found a hard piece of foam.............

The tall soft allows you to sink into the foam a little, so it helps hold you in place during hard acceleration or braking. This is an 07, sorry but I don't have any experience with the 07 so I can't comment on your height situation. On my taller bikes I do have to plan my stops some too. I've got a 98 KTM 300EXC and love that seat, its deep and soft but still tall... feel your pain.

Well I ended up buying the medium standard height guts foam and replaced it with the stock seat cover and what a difference!! I love it! I can't imagine going with the soft seat though. I think your ass would hit the seat frame. I am not HUGE either weighing in around 165 without gear.

Pssst, the stock seat cover will fit over the tall soft seat foam... no problems. I weigh 175 and its fine, no "bottoming" out. The medium should also help tremendously when time in the saddle counts. Good luck with yours, I've certainly been pleased with mine.

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