o-ring drive chain installation


im puting a new chain on my bike and i wanted to know how to apply the pressure to put the clip on the master link. Because without pressure the clip dont fit in cause the master link is not enough tighted back


i just use slip joint pliers and work it, not easy but that or needle nose vice grips, that steel is tough and pliers shouldnt even leave a mark. Make sure you lube up that master link pins good too.

get some larger channel lock pliers. That should do the trick...

I use a chain tool with the pin retracted. You have to orient it so the handle (the part that screws) is towards the wheel. the chainpins won't fit in the hole on that side, but they will fit in the holes on the bottom of the tool.

I use a small C clamp, clamp it, release clamp and slip clip in place.

Sometimes I vise-grip it on, and let it sit for an hour or so. Seems to flatten the O-rings enuff to install the clip easily. Most of the time, trying to do it immediately is more of a chore.

large channel locks, then squeeze it on with the same channel locks, or tap it on with a chisel and hammer

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