Tell me I am over reacting

So I ride about 40 miles on the interstate each day with a 15/45 sprocket set @ appx 70 mph... I noticed that my exhaust shield had oil on it today, Most of it was on the top (I wiped it off before the shot) and you can see where the rest of it is...


It is no where else on the motor.. I went over the engine and checked to see if I could find where the gasket was compromised, but I could not...

Is there anything else that could cause this other than a compromised middle gasket?

What the hell?

Very odd...I had the same the other day with my lil 200cc cheapo. Turns out the breather chucked it thru the airbox, onto my chain and all over the rear of the bike

maybe I have more oil in it than i thought? I will go triple check it...

That's very close to the oil filter it weeping at all?

Before a gasket, I'd be checking the filter cover, the external oil line banjos...

If it were from the bike there would be evidence of oil at that spot. Perhaps the oil came from an external and unrelated to the bike source?

You're probably over reacting.

If there is an oil leak, it will be very wet around that area and dirt will start to accumulate there quickly. It will be pretty obvious. Just make sure you have some on the dipstick and keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

Bad/blown fork seal(s) perhaps? :worthy:

The reason I say that is because I used to have on old CB750Four that the fork seals were leaking on, and when I'd hit a bump it would spray oil back onto the engine ... I thought the same thing you did (engine gasket) but ended up tracing it back to the source (the forks). :lol:

well, I just got out and ran it hard...

Did about 20 minutes at 80 mph and there was no evidence of any oil anywhere on the bike (which is a huge relief) ..

I stuck my wife's roast thermometer in her oil after the run and it was a cool 223 *

After reviewing the bikes physiology, and thinking about how the wind sweeps over her as i am rolling along, I am wondering is i slopped some oil off the dipstick over the front of the gas tank...

It drizzles over the bike when i check it, and then when I run it on the freeway, the wind must blow it through the wings and out over the muffler guard...

I don't think i have a gasket issue at this juncture and agree with you guys that if there was a gasket issue, it would be hard for the oil to jump from the gasket to the exterior of the muffler guard without leaving evidence on the cooling fins...

Guess that is good news, Heck, that is Great news...

Maybe you just picked up a little extra oil when you passed a Harley on the road????:worthy:

80mph with a 15/45 for 20 minutes. Sooner you than me. That thing must be screaming "explode" with that setup. My 15/39 is bad enough at those speeds. PS...I know you guys like that gearing it's just not for me as I like lower revs when running at high road speeds. As to the oil...just as well my Motors are all painted black.

I'm with CL, probably something from off the road.

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