Where can I rent a MX bike or Dual-sport near Gunnison?

Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out how I can make this trip happen. A really good friend of mine from college has invited me to go on a riding trip with him and a big group of guys he grew up riding with to the Gunnison area for their annual ride week. They live in Oklahoma so they all just drive up and bring their bikes. Since college I have moved to florida so driving is out of the question for me. Shipping my 450 would be about $400 each way which is outrageous. I can't find a single place in gunnison to rent a MX bike or like a DRZ. Do any of you locals have a possible solution.

Know anyone with a spare bike I could rent from them? We could work out a deal and I'd even throw in a free place to stay and bike to ride if you ever made it down to Florida. I'll show you some local trails here. :lol: :lol:

I've even thought of renting a DRZ in Denver and riding all the way down and back.

Otherwise, I'm looking at meeting my buddy 1/2 way (9 hour drive)the weekend before to drop off my bike with him. fly to oklahoma the next weekend and drive up to CO then drive all the way back to our 1/2 way point to meet my wife with the truck and take my bike home. I'm looking at $400 in gas and a 36 hour drive home. :worthy:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I don't know of anyone who rents bikes, but unless your sticking to jeep roads, you'll need a bike set up for the area.[crazy high altitude single track] If your buddies grew up riding here, they should know what their getting into, but make sure you know! Do a search, you'll find a lot of info on the area. Try this link http://www.stillwellperformance.com/index.htm

They do tours, & might rent bikes.

Thanks guys,

My Dad and I used to come up in the summers and ride the jeep trails and do some early season scouting for Elk Season but I was much younger and we were riding for hunting purposes not riding purposes. we were usually riding up and around the Stewart Peak area if you are familiar, its within the cochetopa park. Dean and the guys do go every year. I've seen helmet cam footage of some serious stuff. We're staying in "Taylor Park"???

I've already got a baseline for jetting for my bike if I end up taking it. There is no way I could go from sea level to an average of 8 to 10,000 feet without jetting.

I'll for sure check out those links and see about renting bikes. It would be much more painless if I could just rent one there but it would be nice to ride my own steed.....

If any of you guys are around that area and would be interested in tagging along that would be really cool.

Thanks again guys and keep the links coming if anyone knows of any place else to rent. :worthy::lol:

admo tours in durango has honda and ktm rentals

i think its 200 +or- each day

There was a Suzuki dealer in Montrose that rented a 400 last year, can't remember the name, google it

There was a Suzuki dealer in Montrose that rented a 400 last year, can't remember the name, google it

davis its just east of montrose on the hwy that takes you from montrose to gunny

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