06 CRF450r to x Gear Box Swap?

Can it be done? I love my CRF450r aside from the tall first gear. I use the bike for single track woods and motocross. The tall first gear is killing the clutch ( and me )in really tight and steep riding. Any one have the gear ratios of both bikes? I am running 13 - 52 now fyi. I have reworked the suspension and put guards on everything. As well as afew other upgrades. Haven't done the heavy flywheel yet and do NOT want the auto clutch. I really rather not hear, just get an x... 90% of the time I am happy with the bike and setup. I would just like to have a wider ratios.



Stock is 13/48, You have 13/52 an that is same as my 12/48, you can put 12/52, that is like 13/56 (+8), 15%.

But that doesn't solve my problem. I top out in 5th now from time to time. Not that I want to go any faster on the trails. But it would be nice to not hold the revs on the limit, in the open sections. Then have to fan the clutch like mad in the tight stuff. Really all I want is a lower first gear.

BUMP - I would also like to know if an X gear box is an easy swap into an R.

I am running a 13/45 on my 450r for the extra speed in the desert, I really... really... hated my first gear untill I put the Rekluse in.... What a difference that made so I imagine it would work wonders on your lower than stock ratio.

X gears won't work in an R or vice versa. Final ratios are the same anyway. An R gearbox would work perfect with just a lower first gear IMHO.

i went with a 13oz heavier fly wheel, it made a huge difference on very technical terrain. you still have to work the clutch but i never stall anymore and it seems to have more traction in lower gears.

I don't have a huge issue with stalling (it wouldn't be a bad idea to try a FWW), rather having to fan the clutch for long periods of time. On steep rooty rocky, twisty hills. That are littered with bar width spaced trees. As my speed just isn't fast enough for the gearing. Looking more and more like a X, WR or an XC-W is in line. Color makes no difference to me.

Road an hour of MX and two hours of tight, but flowy low land single track today. And loved every minuet of it. It is just in the rockies that the bike setup seems to bother me.

I have the same problem, I ride desert and my 1st gear is no good for technical stuff, too tall. I have the heavy flywheel, but i run a 13/44 gearset. I need igh speed for open terrain but I need low gear for tech stuff.

I think i just need to get a Rekluse and be done with it. I was looking into trans mods, and there are a few things you can do, but its a pain all for just 1 gear (5th).

I want a 450R with an X tranny......too bad for me.

I still ride my ATK 605 Cross country on tech stuff even though its 265lbs, at least it has a wide ratio trans.

I feel your pain...

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