buying wr426

hi first time here great site.i decided to buy the wr426 over the xr 650 the honda has had lots of problems.hope i can get the bike to turn quickly in the bush as my last ride was a89 cr500.this was an awesome woods bike very few could hang with me on tight trails.

i am 36 years old 6-1" 220lbs intermediate rider.terrain i ride is varied lots of woods lots of rocky hills lots of mud.ride at 3500 to5500 on handling suspension set up and jetting would be appreciated.opinions on wether the wr will be a better ride than my cr500.also is more fly wheel weight needed on the wr to prevent stalling,never had any on the cr but you could work the clutch all day with out problem.p.s this is my first four stroke hpoe i like the way they work in the bush.thanks to those who would respond.

carey john waiand. p.p.s already have applied clamp and pro taper cr high bend bar on the way.

I think you will find the Wr 426 an Excellent mount. The Wr Has good flywheel effect. If you are a real rock crawler..Id Assume you are going to be using a Larger rear Sprocket over stock. (50 tooth). Its possible to stall, but More so on very Slow technical stuff though its pretty good overall. Make sure that the Idle is running at 1700-1900 Rpm like the Manual requests and I think it will do well the way it is.

I rode a Cr 500 and Found that is one Brute of a bike. This one, doesnt loose traction to wheel spin like the Cr. It hooks up wonderfully. It builds similar power, but not as Violent.The Wr does it more Electric like.

Some Guys are saying leave the Throttle Stop in, (only allows for 50% throttle) I recommend using the YZ 426 Throttle stop, or grind the Existing one down to .950 Inches. It really allows the bike to run with authority. You might leave your Baffle in the Exhaust for quiet running, but its 4 Hp when you want it.

Removing the Cover on the airbox (under the seat) You will gain 2 Hp.. The Throttle Stop mod (replacement)..8 Hp.

So.. An extra 14hp available.

My 426 which I got 3 weeks ago, (Ive been learning gobs about her everyday) Has been nothing but a blast to ride, and so Well suspended, with good manners (wheelies are pretty common if you like to twist the throttle alot). :)

The Bike is also a Fast machine. Ive had Mine at nearly 100 Mph On a stretch. Very very close to top Rpm, ( I never took it all the way..its almost too much speed)..but MAN this bike hauls.

The Bike doesnt have the Top speed of the XR 650.. But its also lighter, and far more agile. If you are a Baja man..that might be better suited to you. But, you sound like an Enduro type rider. Which a bike like that would wear you out on tight stuff.

Best of luck on your Bike.. And This is a great site. Ive been here about 1 1/2 weeks, and lots of interesting areas to read. Great site.

Have a great time.

You will LOVE a 426 in wherever you ride it! I have a friend at work that rides a '99 KTM380. He rides *exclusively* in the sand and can run with any CR/KX 500. He was telling me about his last trip to the dunes where a stock 426 was walkin' away from him up every dune! That's impressive...a die-hard KTM 2-smoke pilot that will admit a Japanese 4-stroke was beatin' him.

Compared to the XR600...twice the power, half the weight! :)

Hey, first time here. I am also considering a new wr426. I have an '89 XR600 now and have ridden mostly XRs my whole life. A lot of desert riding in southern california. i have loved XRs especially for the wide open desert but sometimes when riding in other places i wish i had something lighter, especially when jumping in the dunes. My XR feels heavy in the air and bottoms if I get any decent air, maybe more than 4 or so feet, even with reworked shock, CR500 forks and newer springs all around. Funny thing though, it takes whoops just about as fast as I can go on flat ground. Well sometimes it seems that way, 70+ mph through desert whoops.

My question for WR400/426 riders is, do you think I would be disappointed in the desert on a 426? it really sounds like id like it just about anywhere else.

Please reply quickly, i am dying to get a new bike and would like to know what you all think.

My brother bought an 01 XR400 and I bought an 01 WR426. He now wishes that he had bought the Yamaha. Him and I have been riding Hondas for the last 8 years and have been happy with them. Honda XR's are great trailbikes.

But Yamaha has taken the bull by the horns and given a 4 stroke bike power, suspension and dependability. Besides these they come with water cooling, complete service manual, wider footpegs and a cover over the spark plug to keep dirt away from top of cylinder.

Its hard to go wrong with a bike that has created its own classification. Its Powerful like a bigbore, but lighter like a Small bore. Its both..and neither class. I think it fits both worlds well as Yamaha has always done with its bikes. They try to build a bike that suits a wide variety of riders.

I cant begin to explain how Cool the Wr426 is. After all the bikes Ive ridden over the years, all with the pursuit of "improvements" over years prior.. This one is so impressive That I actually get goosebumps slinging a leg over the Wr. Its been a long time since that kind of excitement has been in my riding. And to hear her fire Up..and Take me at warp speed, but controlled and Comfy on the Unbelievable Suspension.. and you will be hooked.

As Ive been adding some miles..the Suspension is set in now, and is Smoother than ever. :)

If I could sell The Wr in a Dealership, I would sell many, and feel good about selling a product thats well worth the money. And as mentioned above..Reliable..Fun...and a bike that suprises you.

After shopping around.. I Havent rode a better ride.

Snetto is a Loserdork!

he bought the WR426 after reading your replies and I am jealous! He was already smoking me on his xr600 now I am dead. Oh well at least I get to ride it! What a Bastard!

Hey everyone. Thanks for your input. I bought the 2001 WR426 and need some more help. The throttle stop has been trimmed to the yz length. The baffle has been removed, and the top cover to the airbox has been removed. Other than that, still bone stock. I took it out on saturday for its virgin ride. Took it easy for the about the first hour or so then got on it a bit for a while. It smells funny while breaking in. Is this normal?

Other questions:

Should I have the whole airbox lid off or just take the snorkle out? I am concerned about getting too much dust and sand in there.

Given I have the stock pipe with the baffle removed and have vented my airbox, and that I ride mostly southern california desert, near sea level, at typical temperatures ranging from 70 to 90 or so and usually pretty low humidy. What jetting should I try? Id really like to get this moving.

Is there anything else anyone recomends I do right away before riding again? How about break in maintenence? Anything besides whats in the manual?

Please help. Thank you very much.

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Do a search and you will find out a bunch of stuff concerning maintenance. I think the biggest thing is to change the oil and clean/replace the filter. It is a tough filter so you can usually get away with a good cleaning with some brake cleaner. Secondly is probably the grease or lack of grease in the steering and swing arm. Like I said, search for older posts for all the details and good luck.


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[This message has been edited by Tim Heslip (edited 04-10-2001).]

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