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I was changing to yz timing the other day and when I removed the cam shaft retainer I could not see the clip from beneath the retainer anywhere. I have searched inside all the possible entrances into the engine with a lighted telescopic magnet and can not find it anywhere. Has anyone else had this problem and could tell me if there is anyway it could have found its way below the crankshaft or something. It is possible that it didn't actually fall inside the engine, but I can't find it anywhere, and I didn't see or hear it drop or anything when I removed the cam retainer its like it never existed. Any suggestions?

It is extremely probably that it fell down the timing chain cavity. If I was in your situation, I would take off the left engine cover and look for it until I found it.

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I've taken off the left side engine cover and still no luck. Any other ideas?.

If it's not on your garage floor, or sitting on your engine somewhere, then chances are it's fallen inside the engine. Do you have one of those magnet on a stick, flexible rod tools? That might be your best bet, good luck.

Mine dropped down into the engine too. Had to use a magnet to fish it out.

It's like it was never there, I've tried finding it by using a magnet on a telescopic stick in all the cavities I can find. I've removed the left side engine case and looked in there and tried the magnet in there but still nothing. If it is in there I have no idea where to continue looking. Its vanished

I used a VERY powerful magnet out of an old air cylinder at work, plus a long skinny screwdriver. It has to be somewhere. Go over the shop floor with a fine tooth comb.

As a last resort, turn the bike upside down or just cry uncle and take it to your dealer, whatever.

You must make absolutely certain that it’s not down in the engine.

Good Luck.

The telescoping magnets are OK but the flexible are better. They just look like crap.

Drain the oil and turn it over. I had good luck with this when a circlip (DOH!) went south.

Start with the head, there's lots of cavities in there. If it went down the timing chain cavity, there isn't much anywhere for it to go. Just fishing with a magnet should find it anywhere in the head or left side cover.

My guess is it's in the garage. I'm a slob except for my tools and garage floor (even my bike is roughed up). The garage floor is swept and spot cleaned each time I do engine or chassis work. The reason is things are so much easier to find when the floor's clean.

Good luck,


I have tried all the above mentioned ways of getting it out, and still have not found it. I can not find it on the floor anywhere either, it seriously is like it vanished. If anyone can think of any other way to be sure its not in the engine other than taking it to a dealer please let me know. Thanks Nathan

A big X-Ray machine? :)

Remember that the stator is magnetic, it may have stuck to something down the bottom...

You could try turning the engine by hand (using the crank/flywheel bolt) and see if it dislodges so your magnet can perhaps find it...

Also, some of those magnetic tools from SuperCheap parts places are not very strong magnets, so it may be marginal trying to get it to stick anyway, you may have to find a stronger magnet...

Look on the sump guard or anywhere else it may have lodged if it did fall outside of the engine...

Good luck,


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