04 KLR 650 Turn signal and Brake Light issue


I have searched around and not found anything on this yet. Today I was riding out in the middle of nowhere when I noticed that my tach and temp gauge were not registering anything. After turning the bike off it would not turn back on. After inspecting it I found that when the key was switched to on the headlight did not turn on, turn signals did not work, no electronics.

Long story short I found the main fuse blown. After replacing the fuse the bike fires up and runs great but my brake light no longer works (running light is fine) and when I turn on the turn signal it is solid (instead of flashing). The bike is stock.

Any ideas?

Do you have a Clymer manual for your bike? Look at the schematic and find something common to the blinker and stop lamp. Like a relay or something. Did you try a new brake/tail light bulb. The brake filament and blinker may somehow be tied together in the circuit.

I'm not at home to look at my manual at the moment.

Hey Guys....any more info on the subject?

I'm completely new to thumpers and I just bought a 2003 KLR650 last night. Unfortunately, am finding out the same problems. I was aware the blinkers were solid, but later I am finding the brake light does not come on, (even though the running light does). Tried to replace the bulb with no luck. Started pulling off the covers and seat and have found some wiring wrapped with masking tape (so the problem has been there a while). I have not been able to find any blown fuses yet. Oh yeah, the high-beam does not work (headlight does) and neither does the fan.

On the ride home, it lost all its juice (and wouldn't start again) half way on an 80 mi journey over the mountains (when I was assured it would make it)...would that mean there is a ground somewhere?

The manual is in the mail, but any recommendations where to start looking or any findings so far?

No updates yet. I actually just finished the trip I was on where this happened so I have not had a chance to tear down the bike yet. I am going to go over the wiring diagram this weekend and see if I can solve the issue. I will post whatever I find.

The fuse for the lights is a 10 Amp stock, some times it will blow when the switch goes between hi & low beam... replace with a 15 Amp to cure that. That one takes out all the lights. The fan is on it's own circuit... to test, remove the wire from the sensor at the bottom of the radiator & touch that to ground, it should come on even with the key off. If iy's N/G, check the relay first (right side, under the tank). Under the rear fender (on the left side) the wire harness can rub through if it has been pulled forward at some time... look for a worn through wire there. As for the rest... it just takes eliminating one thing at a time. Try this:


Same deal with my 2004 KLR 650...

-The rear brake triggers the light, but nothing mounted on the handlebars (turn signals or front brake) makes a blinky-blink.

-This leads me to believe it's something associated with a fuse or relay on the front of the bike. I'm a noob with this stuff... Hunting down a wiring diagram now...

Love and processes of elimination,

I picked up a turn signal relay from the kawasaki shop yesterday and am going to install that this afternoon or weekend so I will post what I find. Looks like all of that is tied in together from looking at the wiring diagram.

Success!! Well mostly...

I changed out the turn signal relay (pull the tank, and the right side fairing and you will see them under there). The turn signal relay fixed my turn signal issue but not the brake light issue.

I went through all of the wiring I could see and finially found a broken wire back under the rear wheel well. There is a wire tie that holds the three wires going to the brake light up and that seems to have worn through the wire. A splice, and tons electric tape later and all is good.

Best of luck to the rest of you.

Thanks for the update!

-I've got a new signal relay comin' to me. Hopefully that'll fix my blinker issues too.

-I wonder about the brake issue still, since mine still functions with the rear brake... I guess we'll see when the relay gets here an I dig into it.

Love and wiring diagrams,

Thanks for the updates. I found that the previous owner put on smaller aftermarket blinkers (twisted the wire connections and wrapped with masking tape...ack what a sticky mess to get off), so we fixed the connections properly and I am going to pick up a new relay today.

I Also found I need to get a new battery (two cells were dry), because when we hooked up a charged battery, the brake light and high-beam worked.

Maybe that will solve the fan issue too??? We disconnected the fan completely and tested it, and it works, but I will test the relay.

Thanks for all the help!

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