Air Filter Available?

Anybody know of an after market air filter that is available? Local dealer had nothing and they say the Yamaha one is not available. Cleaning the same one and/or cleaning one at a time is getting old.

Twin air has one . I got mine form has them too

I buy mine directly from twin-air.

The WR450F air filter is a brand new part number. I have 2 factory ones in stock at this time. I doubt if the aftermarket has one out yet. The part number is 5TJ-14451-00-00. They are a bit expensive from Yamaha at this time, as the price is $ 44.99.

If you need one, e-mail me at


I must be imagining the twin air on my bike :D:):D


Hardly.... I Don't think so at all. Relax

I have the GYT-R aftermarket one with the "Grease Groove" in it, pretty cool.........


I respect a man who openly talks about his "greese groove". :)

Call me traditional and old fashioned, but I would prefer that we give it a different name. :D

Spam? Perhaps my definition of “Spam” is different than yours. I define “Spam” as an UNWANTED and UNREQUESTED advertisement arriving in one’s e-mail.

In this matter, the poster requested an aftermarket filter. UNI, from which we buy direct, tells us that the air filter is the same as YZ’s 125-450 from 1998-2003. This is incorrect as the filters are two separate part numbers from Yamaha and look very different. The poster also indicated that he had problems with getting a filter, which I attempted to help him by offering a replacement filter.

How in the heck could you consider what I posted as “Spam”? Do you have a problem with me attempting to help this poster? I thought that this was what this BBS is all about.

As to the notion that Twin Air has a filter ready for this bike, I did some research. First, I just visited Motosport. Com. I followed the instructions to get a Twin Air filter, and the result was: “no items found”. So, I’d assume that they may have sold you a filter, but it may have been one that fits the YZ 450, but may not have the shape of the Yamaha filter. Further, I just checked with Parts Unlimited, the largest independent distributors in our industry, they have none of the products in stock, and have not received any at all, but they are expected soon.

While I have a thick skin, I’m disturbed at those here that want to blast someone who is attempting to help another. And if your response it that I’m attempting to profit from my reply, indeed this is true. Selling parts and accessories is how I make a living. Making a profit, what could possibly be wrong with that?


We need guys like you on this board that are willing to help out. Please don't let one dude with a bad attitude push you away.

I personally appreciateed the information and I assume that would be the same filter for the WR250F. I think I'll keep using the filterskins for a bit and see what some of the aftermarket companies come up with later this summer. :)

While I don't have my electronic microfiche for the WR 250F available yet, I'm almost certain the WR 450F filter is the same.

Same thanks here with respect to your information -- especially the Woodruff key TSB post on another thread. My dealer continues to claim ignorance of any issue relating to same or any TSB issued by Yamaha.

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