Anybody got any ideas about how to add a horn to the WR450?

would be nice in the Cross Country Races.

Try contacting ElectrexUSA. They have some very high quality dual-sport products and specialize in converting off road bikes. I imagine they have something that would work. they're very good at returning emails.

Good Luck

Step 1: Get a cheap 12V motorcyle horn

Step 2: Make a small bracket out of metal and bolt it to the lower tripleclamp then bolt the horn to that.

Step 3: Get a kill switch (it will be the horn switch) and mount it to your handlebars

Step 4: Wire the horn to your battery through the switch

Step 5: Push the horn button and listen to it toot

In the past I've used a couple of hose clamps and clamped (to the bars) one of those disposable airhorns you hear at sporting events.

Cheap and easy :)

I went to radio shack. bought a 12v dc buzzer. 4$

105dbs pushbutton switch 1.29$ wired to light harness

used velcro & attached to back side of # plate cheap but effective. & all components are out of sight.

I picked up a horn kit from www.fourstrokesonly.com ,but the previous post about the Radio Shack trip sounds like the best idea, and a whole lot cheaper.

Baja Designs makes one for $20. Passes Colorado DMV inspection. About the size of a cigarette pack, operates on 9V battery, buit-in mount strap for your fork, push button that clamps to your handlebar. Way loud, way trick.

High plains......do you happen to know the part # for that baja horn ? i cant find it on their web site.


You're right, could not find it either. It's called a Mega Horn. If you did a TT search on Mega Horn you'd find a posting by Jim Patterson refering to the Baja MegaHorn. I ordered one the same day from Baja. Must now be discontinued (sold out?) from Baja. Product Innovation Ltd. manufactures the item and they have a website. It is, of course, www.productinnovation.com.

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