stop my throttle

for some reason, i am looking for a stock 1998wr400f throttle stop to put into my bike and trim to correct length.

my bike didn't have one when i bought it, and will just feel better when i replace it. :):D :D

anyways, if you have the stock throttle stop from a 1998 wr400f that you removed when you bought the bike, and would like to get rid of it, reply or pm me, or my e-mail is


racer36 :D

nobody has a throttle stop they removed from a 98 that doesn't want it?

okay, then, how about a part number. i tried this once. i think someone gave me the # for a 99 or 2000 throttle stop for a yz.

does anyone have the throttle stop number for a 98 wr400?

(possibly a 98 yz 400?, but i would prefer a wr, and just cut it myself.)


racer36 :)

If you are going to buy one anyways.Why not just get the yz that is already the right length?Go to yamaha of troy's site they have microfiche online and you should be able to find it there. Once you see it add it to your cart for the part number.

i can't tell which part it is i want???

i went there and under the WR side parts fische of YoT (just trying to locate stop and tehn look at yz) i couldn't find it. there is the throttle stop spring, and throttle adjustment screw, but i didn't see the throttle stop screw listed or pictured.

can anybody give me a hand here? (part #, or part pictured on diagram #, or sumthin?)

i tried a search, (on this site) but came up with nothin from back in the day when teh 98 throttle stop was the hot issue.


racer36 :)

This has been an ongoing topic on TT for atleast the last 2.5 years. Do a search on "YZ Throttle Stop" and you should get several hits that contain the correct part number.

Bonzai :)

In case you haven't found it yet through other threads:


It is $10.76 through any Yamaha dealer. On the 2001 YZ426 carburetor schematic it's number 57.

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