2001 Rear shock question

hey fellas..

i accidentally took my shock apart too far the other day and i figured i might as well change the oil in it while i was at it. My quesstion is how do i add the oil and how much? I dont have a service manual so if anyone could walk me through it that would be great of you..The shock is bone dry of oil right now..



I suggest you put about 4TBS of a good multiweight motor oil in your shock. Put it back together. Go buy a $10.00 dollar helmet to put on your head. Go to your favorite riding area and ride through the largest whoop section as fast as you can.


just leave the shock dry. the response the shock gives over a little kicker will send you into the stratosphere like superman!!

I'm not sure why you are getting such smart aleck replies. I feel like I should help but I can't!

I take my suspension to JM Racing who is local here in Texas.

Send a PM to motoman393. He has been doing his own work and has had a 2001. Also, check out his web site, I think he has some pictures and descriptions of his experiences. I don't remember the link right off but check on the YZ side. He has some recent posts over there.

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Originally posted by skthom2320:

I'm not sure why you are getting such smart aleck replies. I feel like I should help but I can't!

Because this is something you do not do it by yourself for the first time, even with service manual!!!

However I managed to service my xr6 shock, but I regretted at least 10 times that I opened it. I did it because I do not have any qualified shock specialist over here and I said to myself that if someone is going to use my shock for learning, it is better to be me. If you still want to do it by yourself (not recommended at all!!!) I will give you more info.


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I actually would really like to do it by myself. I have service manual coming tommarow but if you have any info i would appreciate it.. Thanks

Follow the link below. It is the MX-TECH.com downloads section. There you will find very detailed instructions for rebuilding your KYB shock

web page

Just been reading the article on the rebuild. Oh that looks like fun...

How long did it take you to rebuild? Ive already kicked myself 7 times for taking it apart. IM not sure i can handle three more..Its beginning to get red.

great link John!

Just make 100% sure you get all the air out from the shock!

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