What type of Main bearings are in YZ 426F 2002

Hi guys, I'm in neeed of Main Crank Bearings since I'm changing my piston. I'm on my way to a 5 days motorcycle trip and the dealer doesn't have them in stock. So I need to find alternative main bearings than the original. Does anyone know part number for these bearing from NTN, SKF etc.

I can't find it anywhere on the internet and If I get the same measurement I could order them with 2-4 days shipping which will be here in time. Please if you can help me or if you have old bearings somewhere, could you check the number and get back to me?

Forward thanks :worthy: Fannarboy

You should be able to go to the TT store and find or buy them, but they usually take a few days to ship. They should have the part number.

You are not going to find a SKF or other bearing from the bearing store. These bearings are a bit special, they have a lip ground into the outside race for retainers that bolt into the case. You could run a standard bearing without the retainer lip but you will run the risk of the bearing spinning and taking out the case halves. It is a slim chance that they would spin, especially if you use a Loc-Tite bearing glue (for lack of knowing the name, loc-tite makes a glue that in effect is just like a thread locker). You can get the exact bearing without the retainer lip from Bearings Inc, Applied Industrial Tech, Motion Supply or another bearing supply house....Whay not just bite the bullet and UPS red a set of bearings in either from Yamaha or I believe ALL-Balls or Pivot works has a main bearing kit for $75 plus UPS Red for another $35 and you'l have the bearings by Friday....

Sorry, didn't realize you were in ICELAND...Might be a bit tougher to get them...GOOD LUCK on that one.

Iceland or not, the mains are a non-standard bearing, as described, but the risk is not of spinning the bearings. The bearings position the crank in the case, and if the right main bearing drifts, so does the crank. The bearings need to be the correct ones.

They will have numbers on them, but they won't cross reference except by measuring the dimensions and characteristics of the bearing.

Yeah I forgot to mention Iceland :worthy:

Well, I didn't know how special they were. So I might need to order it from europe/USA.

Thanks for taking the time to answer, Fannar

Those bearings are proprietary. So for instance, an industrial bearing supplier most likley wont have them and cant get them.

Actually, any wholesaler of, for example, NTN bearings, can get any bearing that NTN makes for anyone. The problem is that they will not be able to look them up by the number on the bearing. The wholesaler will have to measure the bearings and order them by size and features from NTN. Whether this will result in any savings to you is somewhat debatable, however.

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